Are EMS foot Massager Good For You? – Don’t BUY without reading..

EMS foot massager is very effective in relieving your foot pain. it massages your feet easily and works great. EMS foot massager is different from pain relievers available in the market, because it does not hurt you.

So dear friend, If you are one of those people who experience pain and discomfort in your feet from time to time. So you can feel how much better, it is when someone massage your feet.

But mostly it happens that, we have to bear the pain in our feet and it is our compulsion. because we don’t want to disturb any other person to get relief from our problem.

But feet carry the weight of our whole body, so it is the most important part of the body, so it’s so much important to take care of them.

What is EMS foot massager?

foots upon EMS foot Massager & taking massage
Are EMS foot Massager Good For You?

EMS Foot Massager is very easy to use, it is such a machine which gives you relief from foot pain without any effort. If you have pain in your feet or legs, then you must try it once.

This is a foot massage machine you will feel great when you use it and it will relax your feet very well.

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Is EMS foot massager safe?

EMS foot massager is an electrically operated machine, its use does not have any harmful effects if you use it properly.

For that, before using it, you have to read the label written on it carefully and if possible, you can also take training to use it from a trainer.

In this way, you will be able to use it in a better way and it will be completely safe for you.

So whether any machine or product is safe for you or not, it completely depends on you, if you use it safely then it’s not danger for you, then avoid negligence.

Do EMS machines work for feet?

Yes, this is a very effective massage machine to reduce the pain in your feet, no matter how chronic or acute your pain is, using this foot massager will give you complete relief from pain.

When you will use it, you will believe how well it works and you will also feel how much benefit you are getting from, Then you will wonder why you didn’t try it before.

EMS foot massager Benefits? (Pro’s) –

These are the advantages of…

β€’ Foot massager EMS improves your blood circulation.

β€’ It’s stimulates muscles.

β€’ EMS foot massager reduces your tension.

β€’ This gives often eases pain.

β€’ It also gives you relive leg pain very fast.

β€’ This foot massager also provide you a comfortable life.

β€’ Improve the work of muscles.

β€’ It can slow down physical and mental fatigue.

β€’ Improve your sleep.

β€’ Get better experience of life without pain.

β€’ It’s good for reduce joint pain.

EMS Foot massager Side Effect? (Cons) –

If you are not careful using this foot massager, then you may have some side effects, understand carefully –

β€’ If you massage with it, you may feel trembling in your feet.

β€’ Some people also report feeling a heightened state of emotion after treatment.

Overall the side effects of using this machine are short term, so this foot massager technique is safe and most people can use it without any discomfort.

People’s review are very good about EMS Foot Massager. People who have used it, have given 4 and even 5 star ratings so you can see, how effective this tool will be.

EMS foot massager how to use..

EMS foot massager use tips..

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β€’ First of all charge the main device controller.

β€’ Once done then attached the main device controller to pad. (Make sure fully charged)

β€’ Then Place your feet on the pad and press the (+) button to power main device controller.

β€’ Press (M) button for switch to 6 different massage mode.

β€’ Press the button (+) or (-) to adjust intensity.

β€’ Now Feel the effect of real massage!

How many times can I use EMS foot massager?

You can use this foot massager 1 to 2 times in a day, it is advisable to do 30 minutes each time, so whenever you massage, use it only for 30 minutes, not more.

If you are a New user so should start twice a week for 15 minutes or less until you build up your tolerance.

Can I use EMS foot massager everyday?

Yes, you can use it once or twice a day on a daily basis, but keep in mind that you have to use it for 20 to 30 minutes at a time.

It reduces your pain and gradually your pain will start reducing in a few days, after using it, the pain in your feet ends within few days.

EMS foot massager how to charge?

Included charging cable is 50cm long, you can connect the USB cable to laptop/desktop/power bank and phone charger USB port for charging your EMC Massager Machine.

How do I know when my EMS foot massager is fully charged?

It’s very simple The EMC Electronic Foot Massager has a red-light indicator near the charging cord that lights up red while it’s charging and goes out when fully charged.

How long do you charge the EMS foot massager?

It takes around 2 hours for to be fully charged,for that you connect the USB cable, attached with a computer adapter laptop etc. and leave for 2 hours, then you will found fully charged.

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What is the battery life of the EMS foot massager?

If you charge the full battery of the EMS Foot Electronic Massager for 2 hours, then this foot massager will work for 6 massages (if you do one massage for 30 minutes).

How long should you leave EMS on?

You should keep the EMC foot massager “ON” only when you are using it, but keep it OFF when you are not using it.

How do I turn off EMS foot massager?

The EMS Foot Massager uses 3 buttons to control different functions. Press the “+” or “-” button to adjust the intensity and power on/off.

Is EMS foot massage good for high blood pressure?

When the feet are massaged, the exercise given to the feet also calms the nervous system, which helps in increasing blood circulation in the body.

So EMS Foot Massagers is really soothing and it is also effective in controlling blood pressure.

Is EMS foot massager good for varicose veins?

This is a High-quality foot massager tool Combined lymphatic drainage treatment which is an effective weapon against varicose veins in the legs.

Can diabetics use EMS foot massager?

Absolutely, you can use it, this massage machine is very useful for patients suffering from diabetes, it is very effective in maintaining normal blood pressure.

When the blood circulation in the body is done in a better way, then the increased sugar starts to be controlled and the problem of diabetes can be reduced, so yes it improves your diabetes problem.

Can diabetics use EMS foot massager?

It comes with 8 modes so using it you can use following 8 modes such as tapping and kneading, stimulating calf, achilles tendon and muscles, and helping the body move autonomously

Does the EMS foot massager vibrate?

Vibrating option is also available in this, so if you want to stimulate acu puncture Hindus through vibrating, then of course you can do so.

Can I use EMS foot massager if I have a pacemaker?

According to EMS brand, pacemakers should not use this machine but I do not have any personal information about it, you should consult your doctor regarding this.

EMS foot massager Safety Information :

Please note: the following people must not use this foot massager –

β€’ Should not use it pregnant women.

β€’ Blood pressure patients.

β€’ Who suffer heart disease.

β€’ Any person who fitted with a pacemaker or automatic implanted cardiac defibrillator.

Hope, you got satisfaction from the answer of your questions about EMS foot massager from this post, if you really like it, then share it with your friends and don’t Hesitate comment for your other questions.

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