Bourneville chocolate (dark): Benefits, side effects, price, flavour and more..

Hello friends, we all like chocolate, Bourneville chocolate is also liked by many people, so we should be aware about how beneficial this chocolate is and what can be its side effects.

Let’s start by taking complete information about Bourneville Chocolate in detail.

Bourneville dark chocolate
Bourneville dark chocolate

“Bourneville” In Cadbury Bourneville Chocolat is named after a model village located in Birmingham, England. Cadbury’s dark chocolate was named on this village.

What is Bournville dark chocolate?

Bourneville Chocolate is a very famous brand of chocolate, it is liked due to its attractive packaging and taste. It comes in 50% dark variant and is now available in 70% dark also.

Cadbury Bourneville chocolate packaging –

The chocolate comes in a brown and blue color packet, in which all its information is written in golden color. There is a golden color border around it.

The chocolate bar is wrapped with a golden colored wrapper. Inside which a dark brown colored chocolate bar comes out in which nuts are attached.

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Is Bournville dark chocolate healthy?

Dark chocolate is considered healthy for health as this type of chocolate is low in sugar and very low in fat. Bourneville chocolate is also full of these qualities but not completely healthy.

Bournville Dark Chocolate ingredients:

Raisin & Nut – Sugar, Cocoa Solids, (42%) Cocoa Butter (9%*), Milk Solids, Emulsifiers, Raisins (8%*), Cashew Nuts (4%*), Apricot Kernels (4%*), Lactose.

70% Dark – Cocoa Solids (45%), Cocoa Butter (25%), Sugar, Emulsifiers (442, 476) Milk Solids, Lactose.

Burnville dark chocolate flavour.

It is available in 2 types of flavours cranberry,raisin and nuts, initial this is find 50% dark but still aslo available a new variant 70% dark which is more healthy than before.

How does Bournville chocolate taste?

This chocolate is bitter in taste but not so bitter that it cannot be eaten because it is only 50% and 70% dark, apart from this, it also contains sugar, due to which it also has a slight sweetness.

Bourneville chocolate also contains nuts which enhance the taste of this chocolate, when you eat this chocolate, its creamy texture comes in the mouth.

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Bournville dark chocolate price.

80g bourneville dark chocolate price 100 means Rs. 1.25 per g.

Texture of bourneville dark chocolate.

The texture of this chocolate is smooth and grainy, whenever it is eaten, a creamy taste comes in the mouth along with nut grains, which makes it very tasty and fun to eat.

Bournville dark chocolate benefits (Pro’s)–

Bourneville dark chocolate
Bourneville dark chocolate

#1. Helpful in keeping the system healthy.

Catechins are found in high amounts in this chocolate and it is believed that catechins play an effective role in keeping the immune system healthy.

#2. Controls the amount of cholesterol.

The ingredients found in this chocolate are effective in reducing cholesterol by up to 10%, which significantly reduces the risk of heart disease.

#3. Prevents cancer.

The cocoa material found in Cadbury Bourneville contains polyphenols, epicatechins and many other antioxidants that work to protect a person from the risk of cancer.

#4. Decreases the aging process.

This chocolate contains antioxidants that can help protect you from the signs of aging and slow down the aging process.

#5. Helps in protecting the body from diseases.

This chocolate is rich in anti-oxidants, which play a role in protecting the body from many diseases.

#6. Lowers blood pressure.

This chocolate also helps in controlling blood pressure.

#7. Controls weight.

The cocoa content of chocolate is rich in fiber which absorbs body fat and prevents weight gain. Eating it also calms the appetite, which does not cause much hunger and does not increase weight.

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Bournville dark chocolate side effects (cons)–

#1. Can increase caffeine levels in blood.

#2. Nausea.

#3. hydration and insomnia.

#4. Can increased heart rate.

Is Bournville purely dark chocolate?

No, Bourneville chocolate is not completely dark, it comes with 50% and 70% dark chocolate, which also has added sugar and fat.

Manufactured by – Mondelez India Foods Private Limited.

Product quality – The quality of the product is proved by the fact that this brand is mentioned on the packet, if you are not satisfied with the quality of this product, then you can give your suggestion by calling, for which they have given an email and phone number on the packet.

storage condition – Store it in a cool, clean and dry place where the temperature does not exceed 25 Celsius.

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Nutritions information:

Bournville chocolate 50% dark.

G/mg Per 100g % RDA per serve

Energy kcal – 543 5%

Protein g – 5.5

Carbohydrate g – 55.1

Total sugars g – 45.1

Edit sugar g – 44.1 18 %

Total fat g – 35 10%

Saturated fat g – 23.4 21%

Trans fat g – 0.1 1%

Cholesterol mg – 4.8

Sodium mg – 10 0.1%

What is the best time to eat dark chocolate?

You can eat Bourneville Chocolates at any time you want, there is no fixed time for this. You can eat dark chocolate on an empty stomach and even after 1 hour of having a meal. Also you can eat it as snacks.

How much dark chocolate can I eat a day?

An adult man should eat two to three bytes of Bourneville’s dark chocolate daily, according to the export, eating 30 to 60 grams of 70% dark chocolate provides a lot of calories to the body.

A child or an old person should eat only one byte of dark chocolate daily, eating more than this can cause more calories to accumulate in their body.

Is Bournville chocolate still vegan?

No, Bourneville dark chocolate is not completely vegan, it is mixed with ingredients that make it so much better and different flavors, so that it cannot be considered completely vegan.

But Bonneville brand vegan dark chocolate is made separately and sells it as Hundred percent vegan.

It also helps lower risk of diabetes, heart disease

Researchers show that eating a small amount of dark chocolate daily reduces the risk of developing blood pressure and hypertension and diabetes.

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Dark chocolate good for kidneys?

More than 70% dark chocolate is considered very beneficial for the health of Binashak, eating it not only reduces the chances of getting heart diseases but also does not reduce the chances of getting kidney related diseases.

Bourneville dark chocolate raise cholesterol?

Eating dark chocolate in very high amounts can increase cholesterol levels. Although the Bourneville brand claims that eating its dark chocolate keeps cholesterol under control, in fact, eating more there are chances of increasing cholesterol by eating.

Does bourneville dark chocolate cause weight gain?

Dark chocolate is not very effective in reducing weight because people eat it in large quantities due to its deliciousness, due to which the fat in their body increases.

But yes, if eaten in less quantity than this, then sugar is less in it and also the amount of fiber, due to which your weight can be controlled.

Is Bournville dark chocolate good for your heart?

Yes, by eating this chocolate, the risk of heart diseases can be reduced to a great extent, but if you eat it in the right amount, then only it will get its benefit, otherwise it can be harmful to health.

Is bournville dark chocolate good for periods?

Absolutely dark chocolate helps in reducing period pain and Bourneville’s 70 percent dark chocolate can relieve pain in girls during periods. If girls consume it in sufficient quantity every week.

Choose dark chocolate Wisely.

What is or should be in a good dark chocolate so that it becomes a good option for health

• The color of the chocolate should be dark because a dark color shows how healthy the chopcolate is.

• The less sugar in chocolate, the better it is for health.

• Dark chocolate should be in such a way that the amount of fat is low.

• The chocolate has to be of the highest quality.

• Chocolate should be at least 70% dark.

• Avoid consuming chocolate in excess.

• Determine the adequate amount of chocolate in the daily dosage .

Final Words..

Cadbury Bourneville chocolate comes in 50% and 70% dark variants but it also contains sugar content so if you are consuming it as a chocolate without sugar then it is not for this purpose.

This chocolate bar is very sweet so if you want to eat it to stay healthy then this is not for you.

Yes but if you eat this chocolate a bite daily then it can be able to give better results for your health.

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