Dabur amla hair oil review

Dabur Amla Hair Oil is a famous hair product manufactured by Dabur, a big company. It is rich in the goodness of Amla, also known as Indian Gooseberry. Amla has been valued in ancient Ayurvedic practices for hair and general well-being.

Dabur amla hair oil review
Dabur amla hair oil review

Dabur Amla Hair Oil embodies Ayurvedic wisdom to maintain and enhance hair health using natural ingredients. In this article, we will examine the key features, benefits, and uses of Dabur Amla Hair Oil, which has made it a preferred choice for many.

Dabur amla hair oil My review

I studied a lot about it and understood the benefits of amla oil. I find it to be a great way to do my hair at night, and I think it’s great at taking care of my hair. It is very easy to wash off and I also use this oil for my shampoo. The smell is unpleasant in the beginning, but gradually if you use it more, you start tolerating it. I’ve started using it with Wild Growth Scalp Oil, and it hides the smell quite well! It has reduced my hair fall significantly and my hair looks darker now.

This is a good quality oil. Its smell doesn’t bother me. You can add it to your shampoo, conditioner, leave-in or deep conditioner. With this you can increase your creativity. It has a lot for your money. I am not worried about its sliminess and oiliness. Overall, this is an oil that I should always have in my oil collection Because it reduces hair fall and makes hair soft. I am using it with (mix) my Wild Growth oil, we will see if it helps with hair growth.

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dabur amla hair oil side effects

Dabur Amla Hair Oil is generally safe, but some people who may have sensitive skin may face redness or itching of the skin for a short period of time. It is important to do a large patch test before using it. Do not use too much oil, otherwise the hair may become too oily.

dabur amla hair oil review before and after

People who have used Dabur Amla Hair Oil often report that it has improved their hair. Before-after reviews show how their hair looks. For most people this results in improved hair growth, less hair loss, and a healthier appearance.

dabur amla hair oil benefits

Dabur Amla Hair Oil contains the goodness of Amla (Indian Amla). Some of the benefits include promoting hair growth, reducing hair fall, preventing premature aging, And can help in making hair shiny and healthy.

dabur amla hair oil how to use

To use Dabur Amla Hair Oil, gently massage it onto the scalp and into the hair.

You can leave it for a few hours or overnight,

Then, wash the hair thoroughly with shampoo to remove the oil.

For most people use a few times a week gives better results.

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dabur amla gold hair oil

Dabur Amla Gold Hair Oil is an improved version of the regular Dabur Amla Hair Oil. It contains amla, almond, and henna, which have beneficial properties for hair. It is designed to make hair stronger and shinier.

dabur amla hair oil ingredients

The main ingredients of Dabur Amla Hair Oil are Amla (Indian Amla) export. It may also contain oils, mineral oils, vegetable oils, perfumes, and antioxidants, which help enhance its effects.

mineral oil for hair

Mineral oil is in many hair care products, including hair oil. It helps lock moisture into the hair, reduce frizz, and protect the hair. Some people like it, but others prefer natural oil.

best amla hair oil

The best amla hair oil depends on your preference and the needs of your hair. Dabur Amla Hair Oil is good, but there are other brands and formulations also. Find the right product for your type of hair, whether it’s for hair growth, strength, or hair loss prevention.

dabur amla hair oil price

The price of Dabur Amla Hair Oil may vary depending on the size of the bottle and where you buy it. Generally it is cheap and available in different sizes, So that it is accessible to different sections of consumers. The prices of different variants of Dabur Amla Hair Oil may also vary.

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Is Dabur Amla oil good for hair growth?

Yes, many people find Dabur Amla Hair Oil helpful for hair growth. It nourishes the hair and strengthens it.

Can I use Dabur Amla hair oil daily?

Yes, you can use Dabur Amla Hair Oil daily if it is okay for your hair. But some people like to use it only a few times a week.

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Is Amla hair oil effective?

Yes, amla hair oils, such as Dabur Amla Hair Oil, can be effective. It can help your hair grow and make them look healthy.

Which is the No 1 hair oil in India?

Choosing the best hair oil depends on the individual’s considerations and hair type. Dabur Amla Hair Oil is popular, but others like coconut oil are also good.

Can I leave Dabur Amla oil overnight?

Yes, you can leave Dabur Amla Hair Oil on your hair overnight. This can help your hair a lot, but it is very important to wash it in the morning.

Is amla oil better than coconut oil?

Amla oil and coconut oil have different properties. Amla oil can help in hair growth, while coconut oil helps in moisturizing the hair. The selection depends on your hair needs and preferences.

Does amla oil thicken hair?

Amla oil can help your hair look thicker as it makes them stronger and healthier.

Which Dabur hair oil is best?

The best Dabur hair oil depends on the specific needs of your hair. Dabur Amla Hair Oil is good for everyone, but they also have other variants for different hair concerns.

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Can Amla oil cure baldness?

Amla oil can improve hair health and encourage hair growth, but it cannot cure baldness completely. Baldness may require other measures and treatments, such as medical advice or appropriate treatment.

Can amla regrow hair?

Amla oil, if used regularly and with healthy hair care, can regrow hair in some cases, Especially if the hair fall is due to a specific reason like poor diet or stress. However, individual results may vary depending on the individual.

What are the side effects of Dabur almond hair oil?

Some people may be sensitive to almond oil. Possible effects may include skin irritation or allergic reactions. It is important to do a patch test before using it in detail and discontinue further use in case of any reaction.

How many times should I use Dabur Amla hair oil?

You can use Dabur Amla Hair Oil as often as you want, but it is important to see how your hair reacts and adjust the usage requirement based on that.

Does Dabur Amla hair oil make hair darker?

Dabur Amla Hair Oil is not meant to change the color of your hair. It can make your hair look shiny, but it can’t darken them.

Can Amla oil stop white hair?

Amla oil may help delay the appearance of some gray hairs, but it cannot stop graying completely. The natural growth of gray hair is influenced by genetics and age.

Should I use Dabur Amla hair oil before or after shower?

You can use Dabur Amla Hair Oil before or after bathing, depending on what is right for you. Try both to see what you like when giving someone a good finger massage.

Can Amla oil turn GREY hair to black?

Generally, Amla oil cannot turn gray hair completely black. It can work well in maintaining your natural hair color and delaying the appearance of gray hair.

Can white hair turn black again?

Gray hair is difficult to completely regrow to black, and it usually depends on several factors, including genetics and general health. Hair dye or coloring to make hair appear darker is commonly used if a person wants to regain their natural color.

Can I mix Amla oil with coconut oil?

Yes, you can mix amla oil with coconut oil. This mixture can be useful for hair and can help in making hair healthy.


Dabur Amla Hair Oil remains a proven choice for people who want to improve their hair. It contains natural ingredients like Amla which can make your hair strong and healthy. People say it can help hair grow, reduce hair fall, protect hair from aging, and make them shiny and healthy. Whether you use it daily or occasionally, Dabur Amla Hair Oil remains a great companion for your hair to maintain and enhance its natural beauty.

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