Which foods and exercises can best help a person prevent osteoporosis?

Osteoporosis is a problem related to bones, in which the bones gradually become weak and due to this problem, there is a great risk of fracture. So preventing this will require a multi-pronged approach, which should include both healthy dietary choices and well-targeted exercise.

Which foods and exercises can best help a person prevent osteoporosis
Which foods and exercises can best help a person prevent osteoporosis

For this, the food should be such that it is rich in calcium, vitamin D, such as dairy products, leafy vegetables, fruits etc. and some exercise options should also be included.

Which includes walking, jogging, doing resistance training, doing exercises for flexibility and balance, doing weight lifting exercises etc. These can reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

So friends, we will learn about the proper healthy foods for osteoporosis and which exercises to do because exercise and diet help a lot in curing osteoporosis. If you understand the importance of exercise and diet for osteoporosis, then you can improve the problem of osteoporosis.

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Exercises can best help a person prevent osteoporosis?

To best help prevent osteoporosis, a combination of weight-bearing and muscle-strengthening exercises is recommended. Here are some effective exercises:

Weight-bearing exercises:

If you are facing the problem of osteoporosis and want to do exercise so that you can get rid of this problem, then choose such exercises which require you to work harder.

For this, walking, jogging, long journey, walking, dancing, use stairs repeatedly in your daily work, such exercises help in increasing the growth of bones. Improves bone density, due to which the problem of osteoporosis also gradually improves.

Resistance training:

You can also strengthen your muscles by using exercises like weight lifting, which increases the strength of bones rapidly, which helps a lot in curing osteoporosis.

Also focus on exercises that target major muscle groups like squats, lunges and bench presses.

Yoga and Pilates:

You should do yoga, different types of yoga can help you like Pranayama, Bhujangasana, tree pose and plank pose. By doing such yoga asanas, there is no risk of fracture and the bones remain strong.

If you want to cure osteoporosis or improve your condition, then do not ignore yoga at all. Yoga is very beneficial which not only strengthens the bones but also helps in improving your overall health always.

Bodyweight exercises:

To strengthen bones, you can also do body weight exercises like push-ups, planks, and bodyweight squats, these are very effective exercises. Which helps the muscles to work better and is effective in increasing bone strength, you can do them at home without any equipment.

Tai Chi:

This is a low-impact exercise that you can do to improve osteoporosis, This slow-paced martial art improves balance and coordination, which can help prevent falls and fractures.

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Things to keep in mind while exercising

Whether exercising for osteoporosis or for whatever purpose you are exercising, you should keep these things in mind:

You should consult a health care or fitness expert before starting any new exercise routine.

If you have existing health concerns or conditions such as osteoporosis or any other type of bone fracture, avoid exercising without a specialist.

Before exercising, you must warm up and after exercising, you should do stretching so that your body remains flexible and you get more benefits and do not face any problems.

Always do exercise on an empty stomach, whether you do it in the morning or in the evening. Exercise should be done at least 2 to 3 hours after eating something.

Foods can best help a person prevent osteoporosis?

Preventing osteoporosis involves maintaining a diet rich in specific nutrients that support bone health. Here are foods that can help:

Dairy Products:

Because osteoporosis is a bone related disease, it is important to strengthen the bones. In such a situation, protein and calcium rich substances should be included in the diet which will strengthen the bones.

For that, milk, curd and cheese are excellent sources of calcium, which is important for bone strength. Start taking these in your diet daily.

Drink milk as much as possible, eat curd, paneer and also include pulses in your diet because protein and calcium are found in good quantity in pulses.

Leafy Greens:

Green vegetables can help in the development of bones, for this you should consume more green vegetables in your diet so that your bones become strong and the problem of osteoporosis improves.

For this, include spinach, green bananas, broccoli, peas, cucumber, coriander, mint, loki etc. in your diet. These provide other nutrients like calcium, vitamin K which helps in mineralization of bones.

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Salmon and Sardines:

Fatty fish like salmon and sardines contain calcium and vitamin D, Both of which are important for bone health, they provide adequate amount of protein and calcium to the bones, hence they should be consumed.

Fortified Foods:

In fortified food, you should choose options like Wheat, orange juice, plant-based milk, these contain calcium and vitamin D in abundance. These are known to be very beneficial for bones and do not use dairy products.

Nuts and Seeds:

You should also include dry fruits, caraway seeds, sesame seeds in your diet. These contain calcium magnesium minerals in very good quantity which can help in improving the bone structure. Their use strengthens your bones rapidly.

For this, you can adopt options like almonds, chia seeds, walnuts, white or black sesame, flaxseed, cashew nuts, these are full of nutrients and can improve the problem of osteoporosis.

Beans and Legumes:

Chickpeas, lentils and black beans provide calcium, magnesium and other nutrients that support bone health, It provides adequate amount of Vitamin D and calcium to the bones which makes them strong.

By consuming this type of diet regularly, osteoporosis can be cured and bones can be kept healthy for a long time.


Fruits play a very important role in strengthening bones, for that you should include fruits like orange, fig, dried apricot, banana, apple in your daily diet.

They contain very good amounts of calcium potassium minerals which help in maintaining bone density and increases bone strength.

Lean Proteins:

Including lean meat, poultry and tofu in your diet provides protein, which is essential for building bones.

This protein works effectively in the development of bones, hence if you are a non-vegetarian then definitely include this type of diet in your diet.


Apart from Vitamin D, Calcium, Protein, many other nutrients are found in eggs which are essential for bones, that is why must consume one egg in your diet daily.

Whole Grains:

Whole grains like brown rice and quinoa contain magnesium and other minerals beneficial for bones.

What should be kept in mind for osteoporosis?

You also have to keep these things in mind if you are choosing a diet for osteoporosis.

You should take a balanced diet rich in nutrients which has maximum nutrition which will provide you good energy.

You should not include such things in your food which contain excessive amount of spices or you should also avoid consuming fried foods.

Apart from good food, also take sunlight before 10:00 in the morning and after 5:00 in the evening, this gives you Vitamin D and strengthens your bones.

If you want to get good benefits without harm then you should consult a health care expert for dietary recommendations.


Remember that a balanced diet rich in nutrients, along with regular exercise and adequate sunlight exposure for vitamin D synthesis, is important to prevent osteoporosis. Consult a health care professional or dietitian for personalized dietary and exercise tips recommendations.

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