How To Mediker Oil Killing Lice Only In 1 Use

Mediker oil is an anti-lice treatment which is effective in removing lice without pain. Its use can cure head lice infestation.

This oil contains ingredients like Camphor Neem Sitaphal Extract which make it an effective anti lice oil.

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How To Mediker Oil Killing Lice Only In 1 Use

Is Mediker good for hair?

According to Mediker brand this oil is safe for hair as it contains all natural ingredients it is a painless lice removal product.

It is recommended for regular use as it gently helps in killing lice without side effects which is clinically proven.

Is Mediker oil effective for lice?

Yes, It is effective in eliminating head lice Clinically tested by mediker It is proved absolutely safe It is oil that nourishes the scalp and safely removes lice without causing harm.

If you use it regularly for four weeks continuously, then you will see its good result, lice are completely eradicated by using it for 4 weeks.

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How to use Mediker Oil?

• Keep in mind that this is for external use only, to use it, keep the following things in mind.

• Before applying the oil, make sure that there is no dirt in the scalp. The scalp should be absolutely clean..

• Apply medikar oil and massage your scalp with light hands for 5 minutes.

• When the oil is well absorbed in the head, leave it for two to three hours.

• After that wash your hair with the help of any natural shampoo.

• By using this oil in this way, lice can be completely eradicated in 1 month.

Benefits of Mediker Oil :

>> This oil is very effective in removing skin infections, its use completely ends the problem of lice.

>> This oil completely destroys the eggs of lice and lice.

>> This oil also provides relief from itching in the head.

>> If there is any kind of infection in the head or the swelling and redness of the scalp has increased, then this oil also provides relief from these symptoms.

>> If you are using this oil to get rid of lice, then use it as per the time prescribed by the doctor.

>> Even if you get rid of lice early, keep using it for the full time, otherwise the infestation may come back.

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Side effects of Mediker Oil :

Some side effects of this medikar oil can be seen but there is no need to panic because its side effects disappear on their own.

If you see any kind of harm from its use, immediately consult your doctor and make proper arrangements.

Although side effects are not commonly seen with this oil, but if you see any kind of damage like headache, increased itching, redness of the skin, then see a doctor.

How Mediker Oil works :

This oil is a very effective lice removal oil which removes lice infestation from the scalp.

It helps a lot in removing the infection from the scalp. Its use can easily eliminate the problem of lice from the root without any pain.

Is Mediker Anti-Lice Oil safe?

Since it is a tested product, it can be said that medikar oil is absolutely safe, however it should always be used only on doctor’s advice.

Avoid overdose i.e. excessive use of oil, use only that much oil at one time as per the quantity that the doctor has told you.

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Can I leave Mediker oil overnight?

Of course, you can apply Mediker oil at night and leave it on your head, but keep in mind that if you are applying this oil on your head at night, cover your head properly and sleep.

Can lice breathe in oil?

By applying this oil, lice start suffocating, they cannot breathe and die.

But this happens only if you leave this oil on your head for 3 to 4 hours because lice can survive in oil for hours.

Can I use Mediker oil daily?

This brand says that medikar oil can be used daily but I suggest you use it only twice a week.

Apart from this, ask your doctor how you have to use this oil, will it be safe for you to use it daily.

If doctor gives you permission to use it daily then you can use it daily also as doctor will tell based on your medical condition.

Safety Information.

• Be sure to consult a doctor before using this oil.

• Store it in a dry and cool place.

• Keep out of reach of children.

• It is for external use only.

• Avoid using oil in excess.

• If you are pregnant or breastfeeding, consult a doctor before using the oil.

• The oil should be used only in a completely clean head.

• When you are using this oil, keep in mind that the oil should not enter the eyes.

• If for some reason this oil goes into your eyes or mouth, contact your doctor immediately.

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