Scholl Fungal nail treatment side effects

Scholl Fungal Nail Medical treatment is a single-source product created especially to treat small fungus infections of the nails.

Preventing and treating small fungal nail infections is typical, as they only affect the outside borders. A novel two-step procedure called Scholl Fungal gradually removes nail softness and yellowing. after usage to make your nails look brighter and healthier and give you more confidence in your feet.

The Scholl Fungal kit clean single-usage reusable files for removing the outer surface of the nails.The successful outcome of medical treatment may take upto one month.

Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment can have many side effects if you ignore it due to which the infection can spread to other nails.

what is nail fungal infection?

Fungal that have spread out of control inside or on the nail’s top cause infection.Nail infections caused by fungi are an often issue that can damage the nail.As the nails get cracked, thicker, and discolored, the state can be irritating.

side effects:

Scholl Fungal nail treatment side effects
Scholl Fungal nail treatment side effects

discoloured:Discolored nails can be an indication of a number of nail problems or infections, including fungal infections that are yellow or reddish or wounds that are blue or black from trauma or injury to the nail.

Redness:Infection or disease, like paronychia, that can result in swelling as well as irritation, can be the reason of redness surrounding the surface of the nail.

burning sensation around the nail:Heating surrounding the nail could be a sign of a medical condition or injury, but it can also be brought through chemical-based products.

allergic skin reaction:Contact to chemicals in nail products like glue or polish often leads to irritation, such as itching, redness, a rash, or sores around the nails.

itching:itchiness at your nail layer can indicate discomfort or an allergy to nail care products.

broken:A chemical based nail product can be cause of nail broken or Damaged that can be uncomfortable and unpleasant.

hives:Hives can be brought on by allergic reactions caused by nail paint or nail care products like Scholl Fungal nail treatment.

blisters: A wide range of skin diseases, scratches, and irritation and a chemical product can all cause blisters to the nails.


Tiny fungi, sweaty feet, athlete’s foot, scratches, and lumps on the nails may all lead to toenail issues.

Germs can also be spread through crowded areas, restricted footwear, and wet feet. Older or unhealthy nails may be more inviting for bacteria to visit. These bacteria can also spread when people share socks or nail accessories. It may be simpler for pathogens to enter if the bodyguard is ineffective.


  • The nail gets harder or thicker.
  • Fingernails begin losing their original brightness and become drab.
  • difficulty when standing or walking for a long time in footwear.
  • In the center of the nail, there are white or yellowish dots.

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Scholl Fungal Nail Treatment ingredients

  • Pentaerythrityl tetra-di-t-butyl hydroxyhydrocinnamate
  • isopropanol
  • glycerine
  • citric acid
  • urea
  • d-panthenol
  • xanthan gum
  • sodium benzoate

Scholl Fungal nail Treatment instructions

Be attention when cleaning and drying your feet. When dealing with a nail which is infected, always clean your hands with soap and water.

Make sure to take care of any further bacterial infections you might have, such as player’s foot.

Select shoes that are sized well with enough space for the your toes.

Cut your nails regularly. Wash the pedicure instruments carefully with warm water or with boozy cloths or ideas to clean it.

Comfortable shoes allow feet to take in air and stop fungus from growing in warm, damp situations. Change outdated boots and socks daily.

In order to avoid falling and getting hurt while going about outdoor swimming waters, bathrooms, and restrooms, use secure shoes like sandals or flip flops.

Use an antibacterial shoe sprays or powders to clean your shoes on a daily basis.

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Scholl fungal nail treatment pregnancy

If you are becoming pregnant, attempting to get pregnant, or nursing, it is recommended that you speak with a healthcare professional before using this product.

you have to check ingredients before using this product generally some antifungals prescribed in pregnancy are Fluconazole, ketoconazole, itraconazole, terbinafine, and griseofulvin are the most frequently used antifungals as whereas azoles, ciclopirox oleamine, and terbinafine are the most commonly used external antifungals.

The use of this medication by expecting or breastfeeding women has not been connected to any reported side effects.

There is not any problem to be conceive a baby but Sex may be uneasy because to the infection’s itching, discomfort, discomfort, and edema.

note:There are secure treatment choices for yeast infections, and they won’t harm your unborn child or the growth of your baby.

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Is Scholl fungal nail treatment effective?

Yes, this is Safely avoids and cures minor fungal nail infections.

How many times a day do you use Scholl fungal nail treatment?

you should use the product only one time in a week.

Can I use Scholl fungal nail treatment when pregnant?

usually you can use it during pregnancy but for safety reasons prescribed your doctor or pharmacist is good.

How do you use Dr Scholl fungal nail treatment?

Hold the nail for seven minutes under the LED accelerator light.Give the LED light two to three hours to fully charge.

The battery can cure more than 20 toes once it is fully charged.

With a fully charged battery, this process involves utilizing the LED light to cure or cure nail treatments that can be highly effective.

How long should I use fungal nail treatment?

Fungal nail treatment starts to cure your infection in minimum 2 weeks and it can take upto 12 months.In many cases it might not be able to treat.

What age can you use Scholl nail fungus treatment?

it is suitable for adults and children aged 2 years and above.The product is not usable for kids who are 0-2 years old.

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Does Scholl antifungal work?

yes,it works in medical terms proven that it cure 95% of infection.surely the product not working every time.

What are 3 signs of a fungal nail infection?

discoloured, redness and burning sensation.

Should I remove my nail if it has fungus?

you can use take antifungal pills or other treatments if any medication not work you can ask to your dermatologist for removing the nail.

How do you know when nail fungus is healing?

By restoring the toenail’s natural color, reducing thickness, encouraging healthy growth, and making a distinct distinction between the infected and new nail, the medicine successfully eradicates toenail fungus.

Does nail fungus go away permanently?

Fungal nail infections may return even after therapy. People who have diseases like diabetes, which increase their risk of developing a fungal nail infection, are more prone to experience this.

What kills toenail fungus permanently?

Oral antifungal pills could kill the toenail Fungal permanently.It can take around 6 to 12 weeks usually.

Why does nail fungus take so long to cure?

Nail infections are challenging to cure because keratin is a strong, tightly-knit protein. Drugstore topical creams and liquids can assist to enhance the appearance of nails.

What kills nail fungus fast naturally?

you can use some home remedies for nail fungus treatment like-Garlic,Vicks VapoRub,Apple cider vinegar,Oregano oil,Tea tree oil, Ageratina pichinchensis(kunth).

Can nail fungus spread to face?

Not usually but it can be spread to other parts of body if you will ignore it or don’t care of it.

Can you cut off nail fungus?

trimming the toenail is helpful to treat your nail fast.

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