Thinx Period Underwear reviews | Is Thinx Period Underwear Safe?

Thinx period underwear has gained popularity as a sustainable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional menstrual products. However, like any innovative product, it has raised questions and concerns among users.

In this article, we’ll address some of the common questions and issues surrounding Thinx period underwear to help you make informed choices about your menstrual hygiene.

Thinx Period Underwear My Review

Thinx period underwear review
Thinx period underwear review

THINX Thong Period Underwear for Women – Buy Now

While I found regular tampons uncomfortable, I bought Thinx. Other period underwear I’ve tried in the past didn’t work out well. But Thinx made me full surprised! Even on a day with very high flows, these underwear covered for 14 hours. With No leaking.

Using my measurements as a basis, I ordered a medium-sized pair, but there was a space between my legs and the pants. I had wanted to use these for exercise, but on days with higher flow, I could need to find a different pair.

Although it feels heavy, like pads, it absorbs blood well. Another disadvantage is that if blood gets on the dark area, they easily discolor.

Other reviews

In terms of period panties, these are the most comfortable one I’ve tried. Sized appropriately, breathable. They don’t accommodate a heavy flow well, but it says that in the description so I can’t knock a star for it.

Great for heavy days. Just wish they were a little more breathable. I don’t normally sweat but these had a sauna effect.

Reviews of Thinx period underwear are confusing. While some people love them, especially for long shifts, others have fit and staining issues.

Everyone’s experience is different, examine these suggestions before choosing if Thinx is the correct choice for you.

Thinx Period Underwear Benifits:

Eco-Friendly: Reduces the amount of waste from disposable menstrual products.

Leakage safety: Created to stop leaks while you’re on your period.

Comfortable wearing: Made from comfortable, fabrics that breathe for comfort.

Reusable: Can be cleaned and used repeatedly, thereby saving money.

Odor Control: Helps in controlling menstruation odor.

Convenient: Tampons or pads are not needed.

Confidence booster: Increases confidence while bleeding.

Antibacterial agents: block the growth of bacteria and fungi

Fashionable a variety of colors and patterns are available.

Thinx Period Underwear Side Effects:

To reduce these potential negative effects and ensure a great experience with Thinx underwear, it’s important to strictly follow to the manufacturer’s care and usage guidelines. Here are some potential problems with Thinx underwear that users might experience.

Odor: Thinx underwear can soon develop a smell if it is not properly washed and dry.

Menstrual blood spots could look if they are not immediately washed or cleansed.

Size Problems: Choosing the incorrect size can result in discomfort or spaces that may cause leaks.

Limited Absorption: Depending on your flow, different amounts of Thinx underwear’s absorbency can cause leaks.

Discomfort: When compared to more common period products, some users may find a product’s texture or thickness to be uncomfortable.

Observed Lines: Thinx underwear can be seen depending on your clothes, specifically if they are thick.

Fabric discolor: If in contact with blood from the period, the tan part of the pants of Thinx underwear may discolor.

Not recommended for Heavy Flow: For people with really heavy flow, Thinx underwear alone may not give.

Allergic reactions: those who are allergic to certain materials used in Thinx underwear may have skin rashes or other allergic reactions.

Less breathable: Thinx underwear may feel warmer or less breathable than traditional undergarments, which might be uncomfortable for some usage.

May too big: Thinx underwear may be too big for some people, which could reduce their overall comfort.

Short time for ended: Thinx underwear’s absorbency can decrease over time, needing replacement after a specific number of uses.

Need backup: On days with high flow, users might need backup protection, like as pads or tampons, for boost security.

Cost: Thinx underwear is more cheap in the long run than disposable menstrual products, the initial cost may be greater.

It is best to stop using Thinx underwear and speak with a doctor if you have any strange reactions or discomfort.

Is Thinx Period Underwear Safe?

It is generally thought that using Thinx period underwear while period is safe. They are made to be comfortable, breathable, and leak-proof.

Thinx holds and absorbs menstrual fluid while keeping you dry by using multiple layers of fabric.

Why Do My Thinx Underwear Smell?

If Thinx underwear is not properly cleaned, odor problems can happen. After using your Thinx, rinse them immediately, then wash them peruse by the brand’s care instructions to avoid smells.

Avoid using harsh detergents or fabric conditioners because they may have an effect on the performance of the fabric.

Why Is There a Lawsuit Against Thinx Underwear?

There is no legal case against Thinks yet. Although for more information about it you should synthesize the news and updates of this brand.

Can Thinx Hold Pee?

thinx underwear are primarily designed for periods. This underwear is not designed to stop urination leakage, although some people use it to stop urine leakage But this product can only provide mild protection.

It is not a good option if you have to use it for heavy urinary incontinence There are many other products for this which will give you very good results.

Can I Wear a Pad with Thinx Underwear?

Yes, you can use pads with Thanks underwear. This will give you more protection and reduce the possibility of leakage. If you are facing heavy bleeding then definitely use pads with this underwear.

Do You Feel Wet in Thinx?

Thinx underwear is especially known to absorb bleeding during periods and provide you with dryness. This has been discovered by most users.

That one feels dryness after wearing this panty, but the opinion and experience of different people may be different. Therefore you should try using it yourself.

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How Many Hours Can I Wear Thinx?

Your flow and level of comfort depends on how long you should wear Thinx. Choose the absorbency level given by Thinx that matches your flow.

They are typically used for up to 8 to 12 hours, but in order to prevent leaks, you must change them as needed.

How Do You Wash Thinx Underwear?

Wash Thinx by rinsing with cold water, using mild detergent, and hanging to dry or using a low-heat setting in the dryer.Avoid bleach or fabric softeners.

What Is the Toxic Chemical in Thinx?

Thinx period underwear is made from safe, non-toxic materials, so it’s crucial to follow the manufacturer’s care instructions for any potential issues.

Where Does the Blood Go in Period Underwear?

In Thinx period underwear,Menstrual fluid is trapped and held by a special absorbent layer keeping it away from your body to keep you dry and comfortable.

How Do You Sleep with Period Underwear?

With Thinx period underwear, sleeping is simple and comfortable. Select underwear that has an absorbency level perfect for your flow, and put them on before bed just like regular underwear. They should offer enough protection, and you can wear them all night.

Can You Swim in Period Underwear?

A specific line of known swimwear made for use in the water is available from Thinx. Normal Thinx period underwear, on the other hand, is not made for swimming and might not offer the same level of leak safeguarding while underwater.

How Do I Know When My Thinx Are Full?

Based on their level of absorbency, Thinx period underwear was created for holding a specific amount of menstrual fluid.

When they have become near their capacity, you may start to feel some moisture. To stop leaks, it is advised to change them regularly depending on your flow and comfort.

Can I Soak Period Underwear Overnight?

Period underwear should be soaked in cold water overnight to help avoid stains from developing. You should rinse them after soaking them before washing them as usual. Hot water shouldn’t be used for soaking because it may create stains.

Should You Throw Away Period Stained Underwear?

Thinx is one type of underwear that you don’t necessarily have to throw away if you have period stains.

They is usually restored to their earlier condition with the right care and stain treatment methods. If the stains continue, you can keep them in reserve for backup usage when your period comes.

Does Period Underwear Ever Leak?

Although Thinx period underwear is made to be leak-proof, no product is 100% reliable. Depending on your flow, how well you follow to care instructions, and the particular style and absorbency level you choose, the level of protection may change. It’s wise to always have alternatives available.

How Many Pairs of Period Underwear Do I Need?

The quantity of pairs you need will depend on the washing time schedule, flow, and choices. Many people feel that three to five pairs of period underwear are sufficient for one cycle. According to how often you want to do washing, you can change this.

Is Period Underwear Hygienic?

Period underwear, like Thinx, are designed for hygiene, using antimicrobial and moisture-wicking materials to reduce odor and bacteria growth, but regular washing and rinsing are crucial for maintaining cleanliness.

How Many Pads Can Thinx Hold?

On the basis of the design and specific type, Thinx period underwear has various types of absorption. From light to very heavy absorbency levels, Thinx offers a variety of sizes. For the best protection, select the level that fits your flow.

Why Are Period Pants So Expensive?

Period underwear, like Thinx, can be more costly at the start than reusable bleeding items. However, because they are made for long-term use, they might ultimately up save you money in the long term,

because you won’t have to buy as many wasteful products. Period underwear’s price is also affected by the quality and technology used in their creation.

If your on ur period, want to swim, but don’t want to wear a tampon?

Grab this! It is excellent for swimming and hasn’t leaked. If you’re on your period and simply don’t want to deal with slipping pads, you can wear this as well.


Thinx period underwear is an eco-friendly and convenient option for managing menstruation. It’s essential to follow proper care instructions and choose the right style and absorbency level to maximize its benefits.

Consult with healthcare professionals if you have specific medical concerns or conditions related to menstruation.

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