Why is my adsense revenue so low? (How To Fix)

I know how serious this problem of “Adsense revenue so low” is because we take adsense so that we can earn a lot by showing advertisements, but if we are not able to earn a lot from adsense, then our hard work and time is waste.

Why is my adsense revenue so low?
Why is my adsense revenue so low?

I have faced this problem for many months after that when I worked on this problem I came to know why this is happening and how to fix it.

Today I writing this Post because I feel that Like I have faced it, maybe you are also facing this problem,

so today I want to share my experience with you and at the same time I will also tell you how you can increase your income?

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short intro – This problem (adsense revenue so low) maybe we faced because we do not know how to show ads on our website, which type Ads to show and what kind of keywords to write articles with.

So now we will learn about these questions in detail and understand how you can increase your Adsense revenue? by solving all these issues.

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Your earnings will depend on a number of factors.

1. The type of ads appearing on your pages:

You can ensure better ads type on your site which earns more on clicks. Actually all the advertisements of Adsense which are shown on any site are paid only on click.

By setting on your site, you can show only those ads on your site whose CPC is high, so that you do not get good adsense on click.

2. The pricing of ads appearing on your pages:

All the ads that are being shown on your site do not have the same price, all give different CPCs, so this can also be a reason for your earning to be low.

You can solve this in such a way that you allow access to only those ads on your site on which CPC is being given as per your wish and block the ads with low CPC.

3. How many AdSense products you use:

To earn from Adsense, you should place the advertisement on your site at the right place so that the user gets maximum access to it, apart from this, you optimize Adsense’s manual ads because auto ads are also less effective.

It is possible that you have placed very few ads on your site, due to which your site is not earning much, so you can increase your earnings even by increasing the amount of Adsense ads.

Why is my adsense revenue so low? – (How To Fix)

There can be many reasons for low Adsense revenue like

• Traffic.

• Low cpc ads.

• AdSense setup.

• Ads placement

• Website ranking position.

• Less clicks through visits on Ads.

Hindi Blogging Website – And the big reason is that if you have made your website in Hindi.

• In the present time, the main reason for which the Adsense revenue for all the website is decreasing, the cricket IPL match.

Because nowadays IPL is going on, most of the ads are also being shown for IPL, due to which good clicks are not able to come on these advertisements on all types of sites.

How can I increase my AdSense revenue?

Suddenly the ads revenue on my site had reduced due to which the ad clicks on my posts also started coming down.

Now it is obvious that the Adsense revenue will also come down, then I did something that made my earning better through Adsense, so let’s talk about it.

First of all, I researched about the reason for this, for that I had look at the ads running on my site and I found that mostly cricket related ads are coming on my site.

Then I went to the setting of my website, because my site is on different niches, so I chose Ad according to my niche.

After that money started coming on my site like before, but it took about 2 weeks.

But now after the end of IPL and cricket, the ads of IPL will not showing the site, infect according to your niche, ads will be shown on your site through Adsense, then your site will again have the same revenue as before.

But if you do not have this problem on your site and you will not do it even after the IPL is over, then you need to understand the following points.

Key Strategies For Increasing AdSense Earning :

First of all you have to consider all these points :

• Produce High-Quality Content At Scale – Your content should be of high quality, mention all the things that people really want and which Google is demanding from you.

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It is a simple matter when any site ranks on the first page of Google and on the first or second number, then more clicks come on it and if more clicks come, then AdSense revenue will also be better.

• Find Your Perfect Ad Placements – You do not have to put anywhere place ad on your site, if you really want to earn ads revenue through Adsense, then do the ad placement only according to the post on your site.

Only then you will see a right quality ad on your site and people should also see your content, not a promotion visiters coming on your side.

• Focus on Ad Size for Click-Through Rate – Make sure that the ad size that you place on your site should be adjustable according to your theme.

If you have not optimized the size of the ad properly, then your ad looks very large in mobile and small in PC and computer.

Because of which the experience of users on your site does not go well and why you do not get clicks.

• Try Best-Performing Ad Types – As we have told you above, choose the ads in such a way that you get good CPC and which are according to the niche of your website.

• Use Automated Optimizations – It is very important to optimize Adsense to show you on your site, make sure that the ads coming to your site are not too few or too many.

The ads that are being shown on the website should be according to the topic of your side and you should get more CPC on them.

If the CPC is not good on the ads being shown on the site like this, then you block them.

• Leverage SEO for Better Website Traffic – Not only Adsense optimization but SEO optimization is also very important on your site if you site SEO will not be right.

So visitors will not come more and users will not be more then clicks will not come more then you cannot earn more money from this.

Finally – So this was my experience about this problem (Why is my adsense revenue so low?) I have told you the main reason for this.

And also its solution which I have incremented on my site, I have shared with you, I hope this post was helpful for you So share it with your friends..

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