Adivasi hair oil real or fake

Is Adivasi Hair Oil real or fake? How safe is it for hair? Does using it really enhance hair growth as shown in its advertisement that Men’s hair also grows very long with this oil.

I very well known about that Similar questions must be coming in your mind too, so today let us talk about all these questions and solve your confusions.

Adivasi hair oil real or fake

Adivasi hair oil real or fake
Adivasi hair oil real or fake

First of all, let us know the answer to whether this oil is real or fake, then let us tell you that Adivasi Hair Oil is a real hair oil. Which is also known as Neelambari Herbal Hair Oil too.

And you can also get benefits by using it. It is an effective oil which can take care of hair and make them long, thick and beautiful. But for that you have to use it regularly for 3 months and also pay attention to some precautions, we will talk about them below.

Are men’s hair as long as shown in advertisements?

You may also have a question whether the men’s hair is as long as shown in the advertisement or fake hair has been used to promote this oil.

In the advertisement of this oil, it is true that men are shown to have long hair and this happens not only because of the use of this oil, but because of the environment there.

This hair oil is made in a place where there is complete nature all around and this oil is prepared using only natural things.

So in such a place, not only women but also men can have long hair and that is why the long hair of men in its advertisement is real.

But this does not mean at all that everyone will get similar results by using this oil, their hair is so long because they live in that environment.

The water there and the things there are absolutely natural, that is why their hair becomes healthy, long and black,

but the environment in which we live Everything there is affected by pollution, that is why it is difficult for our hair to look like theirs even after using aadivasi hair oil.

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Why not getting good benefits even after using aadivasi hair oil?

Even after using this hair oil, we do not have hair as shown in the advertisement because the environment around us is not like that.

And we also do not use the oil properly, instead after using it as prescribed for a few days, we start being careless and that is why we do not get good benefits.

So it is not that this oil is fake, Adivasi Hair Oil is a real oil, by using it you can grow your hair, make your hair healthy and also make it black and long.

But it can also have some disadvantages, do not be unaware of this, you will read below about what disadvantages can occur.

Adivasi herbal hair oil how to use

You have to use this oil in the same way as you use any other oil for your hair care. That is, you have to apply it on the roots of your hair two to three times a week and after that you have to shampoo. Let’s talk in details:

You have to use this oil before shampoo, either you can apply it at night and shampoo in the morning or you can apply the oil 2 to 3 hours before shampoo.

The thing to keep in mind is that you should not use this oil daily. Shampoo daily can have a negative effect on your hair. The roots may become weak and hair may break more instead of becoming stronger.

So if you want to keep your hair healthy and beautiful, then use Adivasi hair oil only two to three times a week, that much is enough for the hair.

Adivasi herbal hair oil benefits

If you are using this oil as mentioned above, you will get many benefits from it like:

1. It nourishes the hair:

Applying aadivasi hair oil to the roots of the hair strengthens the roots, due to which the health of the hair improves. Because this oil deeply nourishes the pores of the scalp, thereby Strengthening them.

2. Makes hair black:

By applying this oil regularly on the hair, the hair becomes black because it is prepared from natural herbs, so it has such properties that prevent the hair from turning gray and maintain the black color.

3. Reduces the problem of dandruff:

Adivasi Hair Oil also help in reducing the problem of dandruff if you have dandruff. So by continuing to use this oil, you will see a difference in your condition in a few days. It controls dandruff to a great extent.

4. Makes hair longer:

Applying this oil also increases the length of the hair because when the roots become strong, hair breakage reduces and the length starts increasing.

5. Reduce split ends:

Due to split ends, hair growth stops, not only hair growth stops but also their health gets spoiled.

So this oil can help you to remove split ends, apply it regularly on the ends of your hair and you will be able to see the difference in a few days.

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Adivasi herbal hair oil side effects

Any product availables in the market or you are using home made things. if you are applying them in excessive quantity and in the wrong way on the hair. So you will definitely see side effects, this happens when you use it without consulting the doctor.

This means if you apply Adivasi Hair Oil more than necessary, the hair will be damage and the roots will become weak. Their breakage will increase and hence the hair will start looking worse than before.

Apart from this, some people may also suffer harm due to allergy from its ingredients, so you should read its ingredients carefully before buying this oil.

If any ingredient causes you problems then you should not use it because instead of getting benefits from it, you may get more problems.

If anyone has any side effects from applying Herbal Tribal Hair Oil, they will notice increased rate of hair breakage, burning sensation in the scalp and redness of the skin. And complaints of rashes can also be seen. In such problems, stop using the oil and talk to the doctor.

When should it not be used

You should not use Adivasi Hair Oil in the following conditions:

If you have a problem with any of its ingredients then you should not buy it for your hair care because it can cause your problems to increase further.

When you use it for the first time, if you notice itching, burning or any kind of problem in your hair, Even then you should avoid it because it means that it does not suit you.

The hair type of some people is such that no product suits them quickly and they face problems. So those people should also consult a doctor once before using this oil whether it is right for them or not.


If you are using tribal hair oil then you should pay special attention to these things:

• While using this oil, do not use any other oil, only then you will see its correct results.

• Use it only two to three times a week, avoid using it daily.

• Keep out of reach of children.

• Store it in a dry and cool place away from sunlight.

• It is for external use only.

• Apply it on hair before shampooing. In winter season, you can apply it on hair length in some quantity even after shampooing.

• If you notice any side effects, stop using it and talk to your doctor.

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