Mielle Hair Oil: Benefits, Side Effects, Review, How to Use & Ingredients

Hello friends, as you all know how conscious women are about their health. She is ready to do anything for her skin tone, healthy fit body, thick hair so that her beauty remains intact.

Mielle hair oil
Mielle hair oil

That is why today in this post we will talk about a hair oil with which you can regrow and thicken your thin hair. The name of this oil is Mielle Hair Oil.

Generally the main topic of health conscious is falling hair of women.

There can be many reasons for hair fall in women, one of which is women becoming ill, which includes feeling of fever, headache and weakness for more than two weeks.

TB( Tuber culoses) and Hair fall !

Kashish Review:

Kashish is a girl who lives in my neighbourhood. She is suffering from fever since last two weeks. His entire body was aching due to fever. On the other hand, the mucus did not stop. Then, as per the doctor’s advice, she went for sputum examination.

According to the test results, he was diagnosed with Tuberculosis, which was a matter of great concern. As per the doctor’s advice, the treatment continued.

The treatment continued and there was gradual relief from fever and phlegm. Kashish started getting better after regular treatment for 2 years. But simultaneously another new problem arose, and that problem was hair fall.

Over time the condition of the hair became more deplorable, with the scalp becoming more transparent.

Then he shared his problem with the doctor in which the doctor told him that this condition is very common and told him a solution. The name of that remedy is Mielle hair oil!

Mielle hair oil

Here on this beauty blog, we mostly provide information about best magical remedies and products for health and today we are going to share a very good hair oil based on the review of a girl Kashish who has solved her thin hair and hair fall. It has played a very important role in reducing hair.

This is Mielle Hair Oil.

You might have heard about it on YouTube and other social media platforms as more and more influencers couldn’t stop praising this hair oil and when hair started falling asleep daily and more after a long dose of heavy antibiotics. At that time he came to know about only one good and perfect hair oil which would help him to control his hair fall and bring back his lost hair as soon as possible. Also, new hair will start growing on his scalp.

Then Kashish ordered Mielle Hair Oil which claims,

●   Make your hair stronger.

●   Control hair fall.

●   Speed ​​up your hair growth.

●   Strengthen hair roots.
● Grow new hair. ● Get rid of scalp transparency.

Mielle hair oil,60ml Price

$10 / pack

A 60 ml bottle costs $10, which varies depending on ingredients like mint, aloe etc. So, before purchasing the bottle, you should check the price and expiry date.

Amazon Price…

How to use mielle hair oil correctly?

●   The best way to use this hair oil is to take the desired amount of oil in a glass bowl.

●   Heat the oil through indirect heating method to enhance the nutrients of the oil.
● Massage the head and incorporate the reverse method for hair growth. ● Apply the oil gently on the roots of the hair. ● To control hair fall, keep the oil on the head for at least 30 minutes and then take steam before washing the head with your favorite shampoo.

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Mielle hair oil is good for your hair because….

Mielle Hair Oil is made with the goodness of:-

•soybean oil

•Castor oil

•Rosemary oil

•jojoba oil

•peppermint oil

•coconut oil

•Nilgiri oil

•aloe vera extract

•wheat germ oil

•safflower oil

•almond oil


•vitamin D

•Sage oil

•basil oil

It is a perfect blend of all these oils that when used together strengthens your hair and keeps it moisturized. Its interesting ingredient list was the only reason I gave it as a recommendation.

Things to keep in mind while using hair oil / can be side effects-

●   Thickness of the oil: This oil is very thick, so be careful while using it and collect the quantity accordingly.
● Mielle Hair Oil is specialty for people with thick and naturally curly hair. ● ‌ People with oily hair or oily scalp are not considered good to use this oil.
● Do not leave the mixed hair oil overnight as it contains a rich mixture of other oils which increases the risk of acne, especially if your skin is very sensitive or oily.
● Because this hair oil is a mixture of other components, it is necessary to do a patch test, because even unknowingly you may be allergic to some other component.

And as the saying goes: precaution is always better than cure!


Did Mielle Hair Oil prove to be good for Kashish?

Positive impact:

Kashish was very happy after using the hair oil he received for more than 2 months. This hair oil not only prevented her hair from falling but also stopped her scalp itchiness. Now less than 50 hairs fall every day

‌‌She also noticed that her hair is growing and at the same time, her new born baby’s hair is also growing which makes her very happy.

Negative Effects:

The only thing that Kashish disliked about this oil was its car texture.

The first time she left it on overnight and unsightly pimples appeared on her skin.

And this is the reason why he suggested not to apply this oil at night, especially if your skin is sensitive or oily.

To get the benefits of this oil, it is enough to apply it for only 30 minutes.


Q- Is mielle oil good for natural hair?
You’ll build strength and length with mielle’s ultra hydrating products.

Q- Can I use mielle oil daily?
Although you can use this oil daily but it would be better to use it once a week for hair strands.

Q- How should this oil be used?
Best way to use it: Take desired amount of oil in a glass bowl.

•To increase the nutrients of the oil, heat the oil through indirect heating method.

•Massage the hair roots with oil and use it using the reverse method.

•To control hair fall, keep the oil on your hair for at least 30 minutes and then steam it before washing with your favorite shampoo.

Q- Can I use this oil on wet hair?
Keeping your safety in mind and to increase the shine of your hair, apply the oil in your palm and massage it directly on the scalp with light hands. Hair can be wet or dry.

Q- Can I use the oil left overnight?
It is advisable to keep this oil on the scalp overnight. Leaving oil on the scalp for a long time will damage the micro floor of the scalp. “Because it is a mixture of other oils, leaving it on overnight may cause itching and redness or even breakouts.”

Q- Can I use hair oil on children’s hair?
If you are looking for a nutrient-rich hair oil that can help provide strong nourishment and protection to your baby’s hair, Mielle Organic Growth Hair Oil is an excellent choice.

Q- How long does it take for the results of Mielle Growth Hair Oil to appear?
During the first week I noticed that my hair was falling much less than before. After 1 month, the result also came out that along with me, the hair line of the baby is also getting better.

Q- Are there any disadvantages of this hair oil?
Yes, if you keep this hair oil on your scalp overnight then the risk of getting acne on your face increases. Especially if your skin is very sensitive and oily T-zone.

Q- Why is Mielle Hair Oil popular?
Mielle rosemary mint scalp hair oil is so popular because it is a blend of more than 30 important oils. Composed of rosemary and other nutrients which are essential for hair growth.

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