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Hello friends, today we will talk about Bio Oil for face and today I will tell you about my experience of using Bio Oil on face, as well as talking about its advantages, disadvantages and other uses.

What is Bio oil?

A woman showing bio oil effects
Bio oil for face

Bio-Oil is a cosmetic oil, This oil is a non-greasy formula that is non-sticky, contains a variety of vitamins and essential oils in it. which are beneficial for skin and hair care.

The following oils and essential oils have been added to this.

Calendula Oil.

Purcellin Oil.

ChaLavender Oil.


The main ingredient is mineral oil (aka liquid paraffin – a petroleum distillate).

My experience with Bio oil for face.

The first time I bought Bio Oil I was not completely sure how this oil would work for my skin.

So I decided to buy a smaller bottle and bought a 50g bottle online.

But when I got the amazing result, after using the first bottle completely, now I have ordered another bottle.

I used 60 gm bottle for almost 1 month, whose experience I am sharing with you.

When I started using this oil on my face, in the first week itself, I saw a lot better benefits on my face.

While my face is sensitive, nothing suits me quickly but this oil suits my face.

So what is the benefit of this on my face, oil massage has reduced the marks on my face, as well as the skin has become a sed light and apart from this the lining coming on the skin has also reduced, although my face.

Bio oil has worked very well for me but it is not that useful for people with oily skin as it gives a slight heaviness to the face.

If you want to use this oil to get rid of the problem of acne, then first consult a doctor.

According to me, this oil is not very effective in curing acne.

If you notice any side effects while using this oil, stop using it immediately and consult a doctor. Because the results are not the same for everyone.

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Uses of Bio oil for face.

• As a skin care.

Bio oil can be used for skin care as it reduces blemishes and marks on the skin and gives many other benefits.

• To remove blemishes from the face.

Bio oil reduces the marks on the face and also removes the marks caused due to pimples.

• To remove pregnancy marks.

It has proved to be a very effective method in removing the scratch marks caused by pregnancy. Most of the women prefer to use it to remove the stretch marks.

• To remove the problem of wrinkles.

Bio oil can also be used to reduce wrinkles on the face, its use reduces wrinkles in a few weeks.

• Makes hair healthy.

Bio oil can also be used to keep hair healthy, it helps in removing many hair problems as well as removes allergies in the scalp.

• As a makeup remover.

This oil can also be used as a makeup remover, for this, apply the oil on the face before sleeping at night, clean the face with the help of tissue paper or token or wash it with water.

• Good for all skin types.

This oil is suitable for all skin types, it can be used by people with any skin type, but people with oily skin must consult their specialist before using it.

• Works as lip balm.

Bio oil is as useful as lip balm, applying it on the lips every day and massaging it for some time, the lips become healthy and soft.

Who should not use Bio-Oil?

People who are allergic to the use of oil or have problems with the use of oil on their face should not use bio-oil.

Also, if you want to use it, then do not use the oil directly on the face and see the effect on the hands first, then apply it on the face.

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How to Use Bio Oil for face.

A beautiful girl is massaging her face with bio oil
Bio oil for face

Follow these steps to use Bio Oil.

  • Clean the face, for that wash the face with the help of any good face wash.
  • Take a few drops of oil and apply on the face.
  • Now start massaging with the help of fingers.
  • Keep in mind that massage should be done from bottom to top and do not make it too fast.
  • Massage in a circular and gentle manner.
  • If you have marks, dark circles or freckles on your face, then massage these places for more time and do it slowly in circular motion.
  • You have to massage your face for about 10 to 15 minutes daily, you can also do this twice a day.
  • But do not leave it like this for the whole night, after massaging, clean the oil or wash the face.

Bio Oil for face Benefits (Pro’s)–

1. Useful for burnt skin.

Using Bio oil on the burnt area immediately gives relief on the skin and reduces the irritation as well as does not leave any marks on the skin.

2. Use of Bio oil as face oil.

This oil is used for massaging the face daily and it also has many benefits, it keeps the face healthy.

3. Removes facial wrinkles.

Wrinkles start appearing on the face due to ageing, which is very easy to remove with the use of bio oil, for that massage the face with bio oil daily for 10 to 15 minutes.

4. Removes old pimple marks.

Bio-oil is an effective way to remove the scars that remain due to pimples on the face, its use removes old pimple marks in 1 month.

5. Works as a makeup remover.

Bio oil also works to remove makeup from the face, if you do not use makeup remover, then you can use it as your makeup remover.

It is effective in removing all types of makeup be it powder or liquid completely.

6. Brings glow to the face.

Yes, by using Bio oil for face, you can increase the glow on your face by one to two shades, it gives a lightening effect to the face.

7. Use with Foundation.

Mixing Bio oil in foundation gives a different glow to the face, but in foundation you mix it only if your face is dry, do not mix it in foundation on oily or normal type face.

8. Helps retain moisture on the skin.

If your face tends to be dry and you want to retain moisture on your face then this oil can be of great help to you as it moisturizes the face and does not let it dry out.

9. Removes dark circle.

If you have dark circles with the use of this oil, then they can also be removed, for that you have to use this oil on your dark circles daily, massage for about 15 minutes.

10. Protects face from sunburn.

If you have got sunburn on your face then you can rejuvenate your face with the massage of this oil, it repairs the damage caused by the sun.

11. To keep lips healthy.

It is also a good recipe to make the lips soft and pink, the use of this oil helps in keeping the lips healthy.

12. Bio oil for oily skin.

For some people, it gives good results even on oily skin, but it is not so for everyone, so it is not very beneficial for those with oily skin.

13. It is beneficial in removing freckles.

Bio oil also helps in removing your freckles, for that massage the freckles twice a day for 10 minutes daily, see results in 1 month.

Bio Oil for face Side Effects (Cons)–

There is no scientific information about the side effects of Bio Oil. Because the ingredients and essential oils found in it are beneficial.

But it can be harmful for some people like people with no skin and people who are using it to remove pimple problems.

So if you notice any side effects in any case, stop using the oil immediately and consult a doctor.

Price of bio oil.

This oil may be available at different prices in different places. Its 60ml bottle is available on online for around $27.

Other questions from people for Bio Oil for Face.

1. Can I leave Bio-Oil on my face overnight?

No, keeping Bio oil on the face overnight can increase the problem of rash on the face as well as it can increase the oily effect on your face.

2. Does Bio-Oil lighten dark spots?

Yes, this oil lightens the face one to two shades. But if you are using it for whitening then it is not a whitening oil.

3. Does bio oil remove scars?

Bio oil reduces many marks on the face, due to its use, the old scars also gradually reduce and the marks also go away in some time.

4. How to use bio oil for pigmentation?

If you are using it for pigmentation then apply few drops of oil on the pigmentation affected area and massage in circular motion for 10 minutes and then wash the face.

5. Can Bio-Oil remove stretchmarks?

This oil is very effective in removing stretch marks, its use removes stretch marks in a few days.

6. Is it okay to use Bio-Oil on the face?

Absolutely you can use it on oily face, it softens the skin of the face, reduces blemishes and also provides a lightening effect.

7. Is Bio-Oil good for under eyes?

Yes, this floor helps in removing dark circles, so you can use it on under-eyes also.

8. Can I use bio oil everyday?

Of course, this oil can be used daily, you can also use it twice a day but only for 3 months you use it daily. After that use it according to your experience.

9. Can you put moisturizer over Bio-Oil?

After using the oil, you do not need to use any kind of moisturizer because this oil acts as a moisturizer which retains moisture on the face for a long time.

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