Mars foundation good or bad (complete knowledge)

Hello friend, today we will get information about Mars Foundation Good or Bad and know what are its advantages, disadvantages, shades and price.

a beautiful lady applying foundation on face through hands
Mars foundation good or bad

Short intro: The Mars Foundation, made by the brand Mars, is available in several shades, it provides a makeup base to the skin and gives the skin a natural beauty feeling.

What is Mars foundation?

Mars foundation is a high definition liquid foundation, Which gives a light feel on the skin and acts as a makeup base.

its use makes the makeup long lasting, as well as it enhances the beauty by hiding all the marks of the skin.

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Mars foundation ingredients :

Microcrystalline wax, ceresine wax, methyl paraben, purified water, silica, propyl paraben.

Is Mars foundation good?

Mars Foundation is a good product which is lightweight and gives a very light feel after applying on the face.

it also has a good fragrance and after applying it increases the softness of the skin.

Is Mars foundation for oily skin?

it comes in many types shades, its matte finish foundation is great for people with oily skin as it locks the oil in the face and gives a matte finish.

Product information:-

Colour: Beige (Light Almond)

Skin Types: All.

Type: Matte, Liquid.

Mars Foundation Features:

  • Provides makeup base.
  • Hides the blemishes of the skin.
  • Shows natural effect on the skin.
  • Suitable for all skin.
  • Not much damage.

Mars foundation packaging.

This foundation is available in three types of box one cream color second light brown color and third red.

Three types of colours mars foundation
Mars foundation good or bad

Complete information is given on its packaging, in which it is written about how to use, what ingredients have been brought in it etc.

It comes in a convenient packet which can be easily carried along with you while travelling.

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Mars Foundation shades:

This foundation is available in the following shades-

• Liquid.

• Matte.

• Oil based.

Mars foundation price in india.

This foundation comes in different types, so its price is also different on this basis.

You can buy this foundation online at the following price, this price keeps on increasing and decreasing, so check the price while buying.

Mars oil foundation mat finish 199 on

Mars mass HD 2 in 1 super stay natural foundation 332 on

Mars Matte Mousse Foundation (Ivory; 60 ml). ₹325.

MARS Skin Perfecting Foundation 30 ml. ₹222 on Flipkart.

Check the site online to know more about the price.

Mars foundation how to use.

Follow these steps for use:

1. Before using the makeup product, wash the face with a natural face wash for best effect.

2. Before applying foundation, use a primer moisturizer on the face.

3. Now take out the foundation on the rising hand and apply it on the face with the finger

4. Dot by dot apply on the face, neck, and ears.

5. Now with the help of a blender or brush, spread the foundation on the face from top to bottom.

6. If you don’t have a brush or blender, spread it from top to bottom with your hands.

7. The spots should be covered well.

8. A uniform foundation should be visible all over the face. Don’t be too much or less.

Mars foundation In what ways can it be use?

In the image showing foundation concealer shades and brush
Mars foundation good or bad

• Like Mosturizer.

• In the form of concealer.

• Like a makeup base.

• Like sunscreen.

• As a primer.

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Smell of Mars foundation.

Its fragrance is not sensitive, it feels very good, apart from this, its fragrance does not give any chemical smell, as is often the case with the product.

Mars foundation benefits (Pro’s)–

1. It also gives long lasting effect.

Once this foundation is used, the remains for a long time on face and give glorious look.

2. Keeps face glowing and fresh.

After applying this Mars Foundation on the face, the face remains fresh and a natural glow comes.

3. Gives a matte finish.

This foundation is available in a variety of shades, its matte shade makes the face look very natural and also enhances the attractiveness of the face.

4. Suitable for all skin types.

Foundation cream is suitable for the skin type so it can be used by anyone with any skin type.

5. Its fragrance is not sensitive.

It is not very sensitive, its smell is liked by many people, it is a breathtakingly good fragrance.

6. It also hides the blemishes on face.

The use of Mars foundation covers all the blemishes of the face, giving it a more natural glow to the face and it looks spotless.

7. Available in a variety of shades.

It is available in different types of foundation like matte foundation, liquid foundation and oil based foundation.

8. Helps to correct uneven skin tone.

My Foundation covers all traces of the face while providing an even flawless look to your face.

9. Gives a smooth finish to the skin.

It helps in giving smartness to the face and provides a natural beauty which makes the face attractive.

10. Doesn’t feel heavy.

Mars Foundation does not make your face feel heavy, its use keeps freshness along with giving a lightening effect on the face.

11. Lasts all day.

After applying this foundation, you do not need to correct it again and again, it maintains the same look throughout the day.

12. Makeup shines.

It enhances the glow of the face, makes the face very beautiful and brings out a natural glow.

Mars foundation side effects(Cons)–

a girl applying foundation on her cheeks through brush
Mars foundation good or bad

1. Untimely old age.

The health of the skin can deteriorate due to the use of foundation, which occurs due to exposure to strong sunlight, due to which the aging of the skin is reflected on the skin.

2. The problem of wrinkles may increase.

If after applying foundation, if you stay in the sun for a long time without using sunscreen, then more wrinkles start appearing on the skin due to foundation.

3. Oil or dry skin.

After applying foundation, either the skin becomes more dry or the skin becomes more oily, due to which the skin does not feel comfortable.

So using this foundation can also show such effects on your skin if you do not choose the right foundation according to your skin type.

4. Blackets problem.

If foundation is not used properly and according to your skin tone, then its use can lead to black aids and white aids.

5. Acne.

The problem of Mars Foundation ke how to se aapke chehre per akne ki may increase, so do not use it for a long time and sleep only after taking off the foundation at night.

6. Allergic reaction.

The use of this foundation can cause an allergic reaction on your face, so do not use it if you have any type of allergy on the face using it.

7. Color change.

If you allow the foundation to stay on your face like this all night, then your complexion can get spoiled and various problems can easily show the effect on the skin.

8. Clogged Pores.

Foundation can cause clogging of pores, so take care not to keep the foundation on the face for a very long time and when removing the foundation, clean the face completely.

9. Eye infections.

The area around the eyes is very delicate and thin, when you apply it around the eyes, there may be a problem of irritation as well as damage to the eyes.

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Look friend, if something is used properly, it does not have side effects, so you have to take care while using this foundation. That,

You should not use it too much, sleep at night after removing the foundation and do not go in the sun by applying it.

If you take such precautions then you will not see any side effects from the foundation.

About the Mars Foundation Brand:

Mars beauty brand manufactures and sells a wide variety of beauty products and its products are being liked a lot these days.

This makeup brand creates products for women according to their skin.

It claims to provide a good product to the customer with favorable price and right quality.

Its products are vegan and cruelty free, suitable for all skin types.


So I have told you about Mars Foundation above, in which I have given information about its advantages, disadvantages, shades, price and its brand.

Share with us in comments, your suggestions and experiences about this foundation.

Which foundation do you like most.

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