Glyco 6 Cream: Uses, Benefits, Side Effects, How To Use (Revealed Truth 100%)

Glyco 6 cream is a skin cream with glycolic acid which is mostly used to remove acne, pimples and blemishes on the face.

Due to the anti-oxidant properties of glycolic acid, it helps in reducing acne spots on the face.

A beautiful girl applying Glyco 6 Cream on her face
Glyco 6 cream

Friends, how is Glycolic acid beneficial for the skin? which is found in Glyco 6 cream, And what harm can its daily use cause to the skin?

In this blog post we will know what is Glyco 6 Cream? Why is it used? Who can use it? How good is it and can it have any side effects? Read on to go Read on to go.

What is glyco 6 cream?

Glycolic acid and salts are found in Glyco 6 cream. Anti-bacterial antioxidant elements are found in it, which proves to be effective in removing acne, pimples and blemishes on the skin.

Glycolic acid is mostly found in natural fruits like grapes and gooseberry which is used for the treatment of acne, dark spots, scars, chemical peeling, exfoliation etc.

It is an acid of the group of alpha hydroxy acids which is used to make many beauty products.

If this cream is not used properly, it can give harmful effects to the skin along with removing the blemishes on the skin.

Uses of Glyco 6 cream:

Helpful in removing hyper pigmentation: Use of this cream helps in dealing with hyper pigmentation and pigmentation related problems.

Preventing blemishes: Glycolic acid helps in preventing blemishes on the face.

Removing dark marks: Due to the antioxidant properties of this cream, it becomes easy to remove dark marks on the face.

Treating signs of aging: Helpful in treating facial wrinkles, often called photoaging, caused by exposure to sunlight.

Improves skin complexion: This cream also helps in improving the skin complexion.

Acts as a antibacterial agent: This cream is mostly used as a antibacterial agent which improves the skin.

Helpful in removing swelling from the skin: Sometimes this cream is also used to remove swelling from the skin.

Helpful for skin treatment: Glycolic acid is used for skin treatment like chemical peeling, exfoliation etc.

Useful for all beauty products: Glycolic acid is an acid of the alpha hydroxy acid group. Which is used for many beauty products, some of this acid is also seen in creams and lotions.

Opening the skin pores by removing dead skin: This cream is also used to open the skin pores by removing dead skin.

Anti aging cream: It is also used as an anti aging cream.

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Size, quantity & price of Glyco 6 cream:

● Special used for:pimples,tan& finelines.

● Glyco 6 cream size: 30 g

● Glyco 6 Cream quantity: 30 g

● Price: RS – 184/ pack

Benefits of Glyco 6 cream

Some characteristics are found in the Glyco 6 sequence including:

HEALTHY AND GLOWING SKIN: Glycolic acid, being a natural exfoliant, makes the skin glowing and healthy. The skin becomes dry due to sunlight, hence using this cream brings back the shine and glow of the skin.

SKIN BECOMES SOFT AND SMOOTH: With the use of this cream the skin becomes soft and supple.

REDUCTION IN WRINKLES: By using glycolic acid for a long time, wrinkles and anti-aging marks stop appearing on the face.

DISAPPEARANCE OF BLEMISHES AND ACNE: This cream makes the skin smooth and makes the blemishes and acne disappear.

PREVENTING PIMPLES IN FUTURE: This cream not only helps in making the blemishes and acne marks disappear but also reduces the possibility of pimples occurring in the future.

AFFORDABLE CREAM: The price of this cream is not very high, this cream is very affordable and is available at very low prices which everyone can buy.

EASY TO CARRY IN TRAVELLING: The packaging of this cream is designed in such a way that it can be carried even while traveling and can be used anywhere.

Side effects of Glyco 6 Cream:

If this cream is not used correctly and in the right amount as directed by your doctor, side effects may occur, which include:

ITCHING: This cream contains glycolic acid, which is a very powerful acid, which causes itching on the skin.

INCREASE IN BLEMISHES: In case of indiscriminate use of this cream, the risk of dark brown spots on the face may increase.

That is why it is important to use it properly and in the right quantity for good and pleasant results, otherwise it can prove to be harmful instead of beneficial.

SEVERE REDNESS ON THE SKIN: This cream contains some chemicals which, if used excessively for a long time, result in deep red spots on the skin.

If this terrible redness persists after using this cream, then stop using it, (Advisable) for some time. And consult a doctor. Say goodbye to this cream until the doctor directs you to continue using it.

PROBLEM OF RASHES AND RASHES: It contains glycolic acid as a very powerful acid. Due to which it can cause the problem of rashes and rashes on the face,

hence if such situation continues, So one should stop using this cream for some time and consult a doctor.

INCREASED RISK OF CANCER: With its use, the skin becomes naturally alive very quickly and in this condition, exposure to the sun increases the risk of cancer.

NOT SUITABLE FOR CHEMICAL PEELING OF ALL SKIN TYPES: Glycolic acid is a very powerful acid That is why it is not considered suitable for chemical peeling of every type of skin.

SWELLING, ITCHING: Among the many side effects of glycolic acid, the biggest side effect is that it can cause problems like itching and swelling along with leaving black and brown spots on the skin after peeling.

How To Use Glyco 6 Cream?

To use this cream the following methods should be adopted:

You should use Glyco 6 Cream as directed by your doctor and read the directions on the packet carefully.

Wash hands before and after using this cream.

Before using this cream, clean your face thoroughly.

In which it is necessary to wash your face using face wash that suits you.

Clean the face with the help of cotton or towel. After this take the cream in your hands.

Then with the help of your fingers, apply this cream dot by dot in small quantities on your face.

Then massage the spot where there is a mark on the face for at least 2 minutes.

After applying this, wash the hands only with clean water.

So that it can open the natural glow by removing dead skin on the face.

To get better and better results from this cream, apply it only at night and avoid applying it during the day.

Repeat the same process again.Or talk to your physician.

Precautions or warnings –

As we all know that not every cream can prove to be good for everyone, thus some precautions should be taken for the use of this cream which can prevent side effects:

This cream is not considered safe for children aged 15 years or less, so they should avoid using this cream.

If you are already allergic skin then you should not use this cream. And you should consult your doctor because this cream can also prove fatal in future.

One should avoid using it during the day.

This cream should not be used daily, but should be used every 2 days.

It is better that it should be used during the day and at night.

This cream should be used in very small quantities or as prescribed by your doctor for better results.

It is for external use only.

Don’t applying this cream on private parts.

If there is already any wound or injury on the skin, then do not use this cream at all on that area.

Consult a doctor before using this cream during pregnancy as there are no studies supporting the use of glyco 6 cream during pregnancy.

Breastfeeding mothers should also consult their doctor before using this cream as this is also an unknown fact.

Use glyco 6 cream only as directed by your doctor.

Some Points To Keep In Mind For Glyco 6 Cream:

The cream should not be used during the day but only at night.

Use a good sunscreen during the day.

Keep this cream out of the reach of children.

Do not use excessive amounts of cream.

Keep away from sunlight.

After applying the cream, do not go to dusty places or places exposed to sunlight.

If this cream suddenly comes in contact with the eyes, wash the eyes immediately with clean water.

Before using the cream, read all the information written on the packet.

Be sure to read the expiry date of using the cream.

Do not use it daily for a long time.

If the problem of irritation, redness and acne increases on the skin, then stop using this cream immediately.

This cream should be used on clean and uncut areas.

Frequently Asked Question / FAQs:

Q. How long does it take for Glyco 6 Cream to wear off?

Based on the reviews, this cream takes about 10 days to reduce the symptoms.

Q. Can I use glycolic acid daily?

This cream can be used daily slowly and in small quantities, however if your skin becomes red or starts feeling irritated.

Q. Does Glyco 6 lighten skin?

Yes Glyco Six helps in lightening the skin tone.

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