Vedix Or Skinkraft Which Is Better For Hair?

Hair and skin care concerns are universal these days. Everyone needs such products to overcome hair and skin problems. Which not only gives good results but is also side effects free.

Are you also worried about your hair and skin problems?

I hope you must have heard about companies like Vedix and Skinkraft which are becoming very famous all over the world these days.

Both of them are manufacturing companies that provide skin care and hair care products. Both of them provide customized and customized products to the customers.

Today in this article we will know which of these products give more effective effect? Let’s see:

Vedix Or Skinkraft Which Is Better For Hair?

Vedix Or Skinkraft Which Is Better For Hair?
Vedix Or Skinkraft Which Is Better For Hair?


Vedix is India’s first Ayurvedic customized product manufacturing company that uses 100% natural and Ayurvedic products in its products. They provide products like hair care, skin care, immunity products etc.

Steps taken by Vedix to provide customized products to each customer:

● Questionnaire/Quiz:

Vedix prepares a questionnaire to provide customized products for each customer.

In this team, Vedix will ask you information about your lifestyle, skin type, hair problems, physical personality etc.

With the help of the answers received from you, the team members will find out the defects present in you which they need to cure. This is generally called identifying the human nature.

With the help of the answers received from the quiz, the Vedix team will create a suitable product to address the issues you are facing.

This customization is done with the help of Vedix Ayurvedic doctor who is an expert in Ayurvedic science.

This is famous for its hair care regimen which gives effective effect to prevent hair fall problems like sage from occurring.


It’s hundred percent natural and Ayurvedic ingredients in its products, some of which are as follows:

Bhringraj, Japa, Amlaki, Kumari, Gunja, Yashtimadhu and many more.

Vedix Hair Care Kit contains the following products:

● Vedix oil, which prevents hair fall

● Vedix Anti Hair Fall Shampoo

● Vedix Hair Care Serum

  1. Vedix Hair Fall Oil:

This Hair Fall Oil is made from a blend of natural herbs and Ayurvedic ingredients that controls your hair fall.

Prevents your hair from falling, provides strength to your hair, strengthens hair follicles and promotes hair growth.

  1. Vedix Anti Hair Fall Shampoo:

Vedix Anti Hair Fall Shampoo cleanses your scalp, prevents dandruff, acts as a natural conditioner for the hair and helps in making your hair shiny and soft.

  1. Vedix Hair Care Serum;

Vedix Hair Care Serum does not make your hair feel greasy, oily or heavy, that is why it has been made based on its own which strengthens the roots of your hair and stimulates the growth of new hair.

It’s products take very little time to show results and with regular use you can see results within just one month.

Note- Vedix products are chemical and synthetic free, like – SLS, SLES

Side Effects Of Vedix Production:

Vedix products are made from a blend of hundred percent natural and Ayurvedic ingredients that generally do not cause any side effects when used.

Products made using Ayurvedic technology are good for everyone because Ayurveda is good for everyone.

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Like Vedix, Skinikraft is also the first customized brand to offer customized skin care and hair care products.

This brand is an Indian brand that offers a wide range of products for all skin types. Which includes cleanser, sunscreen, moisturizer, face mask, etc.

The products of this brand are made from high quality ingredients which are also doctor tested. The brand creates a customized skin care and hair care regimen based on individual differences.

Skinkraft Hair Care Customized Regimen

It is one of the famous companies around the world that produces customized skin care hair care products based on individual preferences.

Like Vedix, Skinkraft also creates skin care hair care products that are customized based on individual differences.

Additionally, it has also developed three hair care products using the responses received following the questionnaire.

  1. Skinkraft customized shampoo:

This is a wonderful hair care product from Skinkraft where the company has customized the shampoo according to your hair at the hands of its hair expert to help your hair become better and healthier.

Consumer shampoo contain many minerals and vitamins that help make your hair shiny and soft.

  1. Skinkraft customized conditioner:

Skinkraft Customized Conditioner is one of the great products of Skinkraft which helps in proper conditioning of the customers hair,

as well as gives shine to your hair. It contains such elements which give better results to your hair.

  1. Pro growth hair serum:

This serum from Skinkraft is a useful serum for all hair types that anyone can use to strengthen hair growth and health.

Side Effects Of Skinkraft:

Many people have a question whether there are any side effects of Skinkraft.

There are no side effects from using Skinkraft products because it is made using high quality ingredients.

However, if you have any problem while using these products, then it is advisable to stop using them for two days and then resume your diet.

Vedix VS Skinkraft Important Points:

Vedix products are made from hundred percent natural and Ayurvedic products, however, Skinkraft products use only pure safe effective ingredients that are chemical free.

Vedix is ​​considered to have more dominance in the process of customization because their product customization is not only in terms of customer problems, Rather, it is made keeping in mind every defect of the customers.

Because Vedix prepares its products from all types of natural and Ayurvedic ingredients, its results will be better as compared to Skinkraft.


At last it can be said that compared to Skinkraft, Vedix customized product can prove to be a better option for taking care of your hair and skin care as it contains all natural and Ayurvedic ingredients.

Although both of these will not have any side effects, products made from Ayurvedic ingredients will be extremely beneficial because Ayurveda is used for everyone.

Frequently Asked Question:

Q. How long should we use Vedix?

A box containing three customized products from Vedix including Shampoo, Serum Oil for up to 6 months.

Q. According to Ayurveda, how many times a week should hair be washed?

You should wash your hair only twice a week; washing your hair more frequently can deplete the natural oil of your scalp.

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