Is abortion pain similar to labour pain

The experience of pain is different for every person. It is a complex process when compared to abortion pain and labor pain. The processes that occur during abortion and birth are different. During both, women have to face severe pain which is accompanied by irritability and discomfort. Today we will know that How are the pain related to abortion and birth different from each other and what are the conditions to be faced in these. Also we will talk about pain management and its treatment.

Is birth pain the same as abortion pain?

Is abortion pain similar to labour pain
Is abortion pain similar to labour pain

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Miscarriage and labor pain are both painful and different from each other. Childbirth pain in which pain has to be endured for a regular period only. This pain is very severe but it gets relief after delivery. Abortion pain often involves embroidery, but it is required separately from labor pain. But its intensity may be more or less than that. Which pain is more depends on the health of the person and his ability to bear the pain. While birth pain is usually greater than miscarriage pain.

Is abortion pain similar to labour pain?

No, abortion pain is not the same as birth pain. It is completely different. Generally birth pain is more painful than abortion pain. And also birth pain lasts longer than abortion pain.Birth pain is a natural experience, hence pain occurs according to the physical capacity of the person and the laws of nature. Whatever is done is unbearable. Whereas in abortion, you undergo a procedure under the supervision of a doctor and in this you get many types of facilities.

How painful is childbirth?

It is not certain how much pain a woman will have to endure while giving birth. It depends on the woman’s ability to bear pain and the nature of her pain. Every person experiences this pain differently. For some people this pain is unbearable while for others it is very minimal. There are pain managers for this pain, such as epidurals and other medications. By which you can reduce this pain. But keep in mind that before taking any kind of medicines during this period, please consult your doctor. So that any medicine does not have any adverse effect on you or your child.

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Does Misoprostol cause contractions?

Yes, Misoprostol is a drug used in abortion. There is a medicine which produces a unique vibration to heal the uterus. Due to this you may feel pain, discomfort and prickling.

Are headaches common after abortion?

You don’t have to have a headache after an abortion. Only some people get headache due to abortion. It depends on your physical structure and the condition that caused the miscarriage. If you have had a natural abortion, there may be some side effects which include headache but it is not necessary that everyone has to face it. On the contrary if the abortion has taken place with medical facilities. So it is not necessary to have a headache as a result of this. If you are facing headache problem after abortion. So you can consult your nearest doctor and use a good medicine.

What pain is more painful than giving birth?

The pain experienced during giving birth is considered an unbearable pain. Many people believe that birth pain is the most painful. But there is no accurate evidence of this yet. It is possible that every person’s experience of pain is different. Therefore, for some people, there may be more pain than birth pain, such as the pain of burning or the pain of kidney stones. No specific comment can be made about which pain is the most painful.

What pain is similar to labor pain?

Endometriosis, an endemic uterine-like enlargement of the uterus, can generate pain during menstruation that is similar to lower back pain.

How painful is pushing a baby out?

Every woman may have a different experience at the time of having a baby. Some women do not experience much discomfort during this procedure while others feel a lot of pain. It depends on the size of the baby and the woman’s orifice as well as the woman’s physical health. There are some options to avoid this pain such as epidural and controlled breathing training.

How can I have a painless birth?

Painless birth is a very miraculous idea. But this has not been possible with the current technology. While pain can be reduced by pain management techniques such as controlled breathing training and epidurals. Through these techniques, you can work through the pain to such an extent that you can go into a relaxed state and give birth very sensitively.

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How does period pain compared to labour?

Many times there can be unbearable pain during menstruation. But its duration and intensity are less than the pain of miscarriage and birth. This pain is completely different from each other. There is labor pain while giving birth and pain in coming out of the baby, hence it is meaningless to link this pain with the pain during menstruation.

When can I start exercising after an abortion?

Generally, exercise should not be done for a few days or even a week. If you want to exercise then wait at least a week. After that you can do light exercise. You can consult your doctor so that it does not affect your health too much. Or one should do any physical activity only after consulting an exercise specialist.

How can I balance my hormones after abortion?

In general, it may take some time for hormones to return to normal after an abortion. This time will depend on your physical health and a practical diet, exercise,And scientific support can help normalise your hormones.

What are the five elements of post-abortion care?

Some care you need to take post abortion Post-abortion care includes physical rehabilitation,family planning,question-and-answer therapy , and family planning advice,emotional support, for the sake of well-being.

Is labor really the worst pain ever?

The pain of giving birth is different for every person. For some women it is less painful while some women describe it as very painful. To reduce this pain, techniques like pain management medication or epidural can be used.

Should I shave pubic hair before delivery?

It depends on the individual whether they want to shave the pubic hair before delivery or not. It is not mandatory to do this but for cleanliness you can remove these hairs. For this you should consult your doctor.

What type of birth hurts less?

Pain at the time of birth can be different for every woman. Some women may experience less pain while others may experience a lot of pain. Because of the pain, some women choose to have a C-section, which involves pain management techniques.

What’s the worst pain a human can feel?

It is very difficult to say when the most pain is felt. This may vary individually. It depends on a person’s pain tolerance. And how is his physical health. Some women feel the pain of giving birth the most. Whereas some people find the pain of kidney stones, injuries or burns the most painful.

What is more painful, C-section, or natural birth?

During natural delivery, there is labor pain and the pain of pushing the baby. Whereas in C section a small operation is done. Which gives rise to pain after operation. Both are different types of pain. It is difficult to say which pain is more painful. Every person’s experience of pain is different so it depends on the individual. Which pain is causing him more pain?

What causes lower back pain after a medical abortion?

After medical abortion, there may be back pain at the time of taking out the fetus from the uterus, which occurs in the lower back. For this you can use heating pad or over the counter pain reliever, this will give you instant relief.

What are the signs and symptoms of uterine rupture after abortion?

If after abortion you are feeling heavy bleeding or dizziness or you are having stomach pain due to acid. So these symptoms could be of rupture of your uterus. This is considered an emergency. If you are facing this situation then you should immediately provide medical facilities. Otherwise you may have to face some big problems.

How can I stop pelvic pain after abortion?

If you are troubled by pelvic pain then you should take maximum bed rest. If you feel more pain, you can use a heating pad, this will give you immediate relief. If the pain is very severe then you can use pain killers but before taking any kind of medicine, definitely talk to your doctor once.

How can I balance my hormones after abortion?

Usually, hormonal balance does not return to normal until some time after an abortion. If you want to normalise it then you should take regular exercise, a nutritious diet and work stress. Due to which your hormones will get adjusted again. Before taking this medicine, you must consult your health care provider.

Where is pelvic pain located?

Pelvic pain which is felt especially around the waist. Where the pelvis is present. The location of this pain and its intensity may differ from person to person. If you have this type of pain you should consult your doctor.

How fast do HCG levels drop after abortion?

HCG levels, commonly called the pregnancy hormone. This is the pain that occurs after abortion, which is very severe. It can be recognised only after a few weeks. This pain can generally be found in every woman. To check this pain and treat it, it is important to take the help of a good doctor or specialist.


Pain is generally an individual experience. Which is felt more and the pain during birth and the pain during abortion are different. There is a special difference between the two which is important to understand.Which can be managed and treated differently. Every woman’s experience of pain is different. While facing these pain, women can mainly get help from a doctor or guide. With his advice this pain can be controlled. This pain is natural, so it should not be stopped by the killer. if you feel a lot of pain If you cannot tolerate it then you can take advice from an expert.

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