Is sixth sense a real thing|How to develop sixth sense study proves.

Hello friends, Today we are going to talk about such a question that keeps stirring in our mind whether it is true that Topic Sixth Sense.

How effective the 6th Sense is, how its miraculous benefits, can be developed, there is often confusion in our mind about all these questions,

so today through this article we will be able to find answers to all the questions and learn them.

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Is Sixth sense real

It is believed that if the Sixth sense is awakened in the human mind, then the brain capacity increases to a great extent, with this power a person can also do extraordinary things.

And this is true because our brain is the most powerful in the world, so let’s friends know about this exciting topic today, let’s start..

What is the Sixth sense in psychology?

We all know that humans have five senses: seeing through the eyes, hearing through the ear, testing through the tongue and feeling touch through the skin.

Apart from these 5 senses, there is a Sixth sense in human which cannot be seen, only can be felt but hard work and dedication is required to feel this sense.

Sixth sense in women?

It is believed that the Sixth sense is present in women from birth, through which women also understand those things which are difficult for men to understand.

According to science, women have more ability to understand, she can feel the feelings of others than men and have potential make better decisions.

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Is Sixth sense a real thing?

Yes, the Sixth Sense is true, it can sometimes make you feel that which you cannot do through the rest of the 5 senses. A recent study has found that awakening the Sixth sense through meditationn.

The Sixth Sense gives you the ability to do what you do with the 5th Sense, besides being able to do unusual things which no ordinary person can do.

Name of six senses in human:

Humans have five senses:






6.”Sixth sense, called proprioception.

Humans can develop a Sixth sense study proves.

Absolutely human is capable of developing his sixth sense, for this many studies have also been done in which it has been proved that it is possible for any person to awaken the sixth sense inside himself.

In Japan, in order to understand and know the Sixth Sense, some people (who claim to have awakened the Sixth Sense) were heard a voice that is impossible for a normal person to hear and they felt that voice.

What is meant by Sixth Sense technology?

Sixth sense is seen as one such power through which a person is able to know and understand about the environment in a much better way.

Technology growth and development is possible to develop naturally through the six senses.

Sixth sense ability:

The ability to feel and gain knowledge about extraordinary things is the six senses, that is, through the sixth sense, the power inside the person increases so much that he can see the unnatural happening around him.

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Sixth sense benefits–

#1. The ability to perceive imaginary power comes.

#2. Information about the future is already known.

#3. The distant sound is clearly heard.

#4. Increase the power of noticing things.

#5. It becomes a medium to understand the spiritual power.

#6. Can understand the thoughts of others.

#7. After awakening the six senses, the brain capacity of a person increases by 10 times.

#8. Grow up the power of awareness.

#9. Feel your inner peace.

Sixth sense awakening process..

Woman active her sixth sense
Is Sixth sense real

In some people the qualities of the six senses are found innate (Genitic) but such persons are very few, most of them awaken the six senses through the process of awakening the sixth sense.

There is no specific age for awakening it is possible to awaken it at any age but the process of awakening the Sixth sense is difficult.

That’s why not everyone is able to awaken Six Sense because its method is very long and unbearable.

Sign of 6 th sense|Sixth sense symptoms:

#Feeling suffocated in a crowded place.

People who awaken the sixth sense do not like to be in a crowd. They feel nervous in crowded places. Such persons remain lost in themselves alone.

#Likes loneliness.

Such people want to spend time with themselves alone, they find it relaxing to be alone. One should give time to understand themselves by staying alone and emphasis should be given on improving themselves, with this mindset, these people consider themselves to be better.

#Understand what is in the mind of another by the gesture of another.

Beginning to understand the gestures of others, their mind is also a symptom of awakening of the sixth sense.

#Increase in mental capacity.

When the thinking ability of the mind increases i.e. you are able to understand all things easily and can understand effectively without explaining the reasons behind them, it means that your Sixth sense awaking.

#Weight gain.

Yes, of course, if you are trying to awaken the Sixth sense through meditation or any other means, then your weight starts increasing and if this happens to you, then understand the state of awakening of the sixth sense.

#Increase in appetite.

From you because the time of appetite has also increased, you feel like eating more, your appetite has increased, then your Sixth sense is being awakened

#Feel the negative force.

The process of awakening of the sixth sense has already started in those who have achieved siddhi in sensing negative energy.

#Decreased feeling of fear.

Fear: Such people end the feeling of fear, these people like to be alone and control the feeling of being afraid, they are not afraid of anything.

Because these people understand the reality of life to a great extent.

#Depression can be felt due to change.

Awakening of the sixth sense is also a sign of increasing stress and moving towards depression.Such individuals start feeling the reality of life more than others,

due to which they believe in themselves to be different from others, therefore they can get entangled in the problem of depression.

#Trouble sleeping.

If you are really trying to awaken the sixth sense and you are prone to insomnia, sleep deprivation and sleep problems, frequent sleeplessness.

If such symptoms are happening to you then you should understand that your sixth sense is in a state of awakening.

#Physical and mental purification.

The purification of your body and mind is also a symptom of the awakening of the sixth sense Such a person falls ill again and again.

One after the other mental and physical problems start happening. This happens so that the body and mind become completely healthy.

#Feeling all things unnatural.

Developing a situation where you have started feeling different to others, that is, you understand things that are not there, which any normal human being is not able to understand, such as feeling negative energy or upcoming problems.

These are all initial symptoms which is a process to develop your mind and mental state to make you better than before.

These symptoms gradually disappear. After which all the information about own existence.

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How to develop your sixth sense through simple steps;

Woman active her sixth sense
Is Sixth sense real
  • Tapping into Your Intuition.

Some people consider intuition and six sense as same but there is a lot of difference between these two. Intuition is a part of sixth sense but still mystry about how effective and how intuition works.

Intuition is inside every person, so you can activate it through practice, for that you should be alone for some time every day and listen to the sounds around you without feeling any tension.

When you can hear the things around you, you can feel them without any problem, you can tell what kind of sound is coming from where you are, then you start to control this power.

  • Take a walk.

Walking develops physical and mental ability, if you want to activate your six senses, then choose a place for walking where you feel peace and freshness because it is necessary for your betterment purpose.

Walk alone with yourself for half an hour every day and try to understand yourself through nature.

During this process you sit for some time and feel the nature simultaneously look in your good feeling how that work.

  • Meditation.

We all know how effective meditation is, through this power, in life not only do we get mentally peace but it also helps in getting freedom from worldly problems.

So absolutely you can activate six senses through meditation, for that you do not need to do much, just do meditation for one hour daily.

Keep in mind that meditation should be done in such a place where there is peace and that place should be clean.

Because meditation attracts positive power, So everything around you should be positive, for which cleanliness is the most important.

  • Learn to notice small things.

Learn to feel the little things, experience all the happenings around you to understand why this is happening, know the reason behind them, call on what is right and what is wrong.

When you start to understand and feel the small things around you, then the process of awakening the six senses increases and you increase your mental capacity at a very fast pace.

  • Learn to watch and listen closely.

To understand and know someone, it is very important to listen and watch with full attention, then only you can come to the ability to express your views about him without any problem.

Similarly, if you really want to awaken your sixth sense, then listen carefully to the things around you, see and understand.

Just as there is exercise to activate the body, in the same way there is an exercise to activate the six senses

  • Trataka.

There are many benefits of doing Tratak in Ayurveda, through this it is possible to develop the mental state and completely neutralize the physical diseases.

Awakening the sixth can be done very quickly by doing tratak, it is considered very great in the practice of yoga, the sixth sense can be awakened by the practice of tratak daily.

  • Pranayam.

By doing Pranayama, you can awaken your Sixth Sense, for that practice Pranayama by sitting in a refreshingly peaceful environment for 40 minutes daily. Always do Pranayama on an empty stomach.

  • Start To Feel The Vibes

Feel the positive things, spread positivity around you, when you feel a good feeling, the cosmic power will attract towards you, which develops the sixth sense power in your inner surface.

  • Write about your dreams in diary.

By writing, you can also take help in awakening your six senses, daily note your wishes in a diary and have faith that all your written wishes are being fulfilled.

By doing this, the positive quality power remains inside you and you can attract positive thoughts and things towards yourself, which means that the development of the sixth sense is happening rapidly in you.

  • Connect with nature.

By connecting yourself with nature, you can also awaken the power of your Sixth sense, for that spend time every day in such a place, where there are trees and plants and a calm environment, by staying in such a place, do all the things around you.

  • Visualize, and speak your intentions.

You can increase your six senses power by doing visualization, for that tell all your intensity to yourself, set your target goal.

Think about Gaol as your future. Feel how you want it to live.

Sitting in a peaceful environment, close your eyes and keep that scene in front of your eyes for some time, what you want to achieve in your future, it can be anything, a small thing or a big dream.

  • Listen to your gut.

You Feeling means that the sound of your soul is good, that is, your six senses, here it means that you should understand your conscience in taking any decision.

Your conscience always tells you what is right, so whenever you are in a dilemma about what you should do, always listen to your mind, do what is right, by doing this your sixth sense develops rapidly.

  • Ready to receive or accept truth.

Always adopt the truth Promote the truth because your tendency to tell the truth works effectively in awakening your six senses.

Cosmic power activates positive things so always stay with the truth as you approach the information through the sixth sense.

  • Say yes I believe.

To achieve anything, it is important to have faith because our life is run by faith, not by our thoughts.

Believe that you have the ability to awaken the sixth sense and do whatever it takes for you.

Have 6th sense medicine.

No… There is no any kind of medicine to increase the sixth sense.

What is a good sixth sense?

The best effect after the sixth sense is awakened is that the person perceives the worldly and spiritual process earlier than the other common person.

Through the sixth sense, a person knows even those things which no one else is unable to know.

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Is it possible to contact God when the Sixth sense is awakened.

Absolutely yes ,you can connect with God through your inner peace and natural power but it is not happening in months it can happen after years practice of awareness to your sixth sense.

Examples of sixth sense..

Sixth sense is the power that is present in every person from birth, in some people it is active due to heredity, but others have to activate it through practice.

The sixth sense is far stronger than the ability to know through the other five senses. Following are some examples of this:

  • One can foresee the coming accident in advance.
  • Answer everything clearly.
  • It has the ability to feel nature more deeply.
  • who always stay positive.
  • Keep your emotions under control.
  • The distant voice can be heard clearly.
  • Remember the first things easily.

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