IBA Product review (All about which you need to know)

IBA Halal company produces and sells skin care and make-up products. If you want to know how safe and effective its products are, then you are at right place because today we will 5 iba product review.

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IBA product

The information given in this article is according to our personal experience and research. So let’s keep reading to know about the iba product review.

About IBA Brand—

Is IBA Halal Brand Good?

First of all let us tell you that IBA Halal brand is very much popular nowadays and this brand belongs to India, which makes good products but some of its products are not as effective as this company claims.

IBA Products Side Effect:

Yes, you may experience some common side effects which are as follows–

  • Back pain.
  • Diarrhoea.
  • Joint & muscle pain.
  • Headache.
  • Indigestion.
  • Breathing problem.
  • Heart diseases.
  • Sleep disorder.

How IBA Product Work?

IBA product has health care and makeup products which helps in keeping the skin healthy and providing you a better skin care which is also helpful in giving you confidence.

But the thing to keep in mind is that IBA product does not suit everyone, so first you should get information about your skin type from the doctor and ask him IBA product is right for your skin.

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Is IBA Cosmetics Indian Brand?

Absolutely IBN product are made in India (Ahmedabad) which is the first Indian company to get Halal certificate i.e. it is also preferred in Arabic countries.

Who Is IBA Product Owner?

Mauli Teli is the co-founder of IBA, she is also director of IBA cosmetic.

Best 5 IBA Product Review List:

1.IBA lipstick

IBA Lipstick
IBA Lipstick

Lipstick is such a makeup product without which women’s makeup is incomplete, so IBA lipstick is definitely a perfect option to complete your makeup.

Iba Lipstick is available in 12 shades which are vegan and halal certified, offering you both liquid and matte form.

IBA Lipstick How to use?

Before using this lipstick, moisturize your lips with the help of lip balm or skin care oil, after that apply lipstick, by doing this lipstick lasts for a long time.

IBA lipstick Benefits (pro’s)–

Let us know about its benefits so that no doubt remains about it effects–

#1. Does not allow lips to dry out.

#2. It does not contain parabens.

#3. Available in 12 shades.

#4. It is a vegetarian product.

#5. Its fragrance is also mild and aromatic.

#6. Available both online and offline.

#7. It does not contain harmful chemicals.

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IBA Lipstick Side Effect (Cons)–

Nothing is completely safe, everything has its negative effects, so IBA also knows about the disadvantages of lipstick:

#1. Not a complete description of the ingredients on the product.

#2. Little expensive.

#3. Not durable lipsticks tend to fall off by hand.

#4. Not more impressive.

>>>My Experience

I used the IBA lipstick shade I bought in which I did not get the results I expected from these lipsticks.

This lipstick comes in different shades which is a good thing and their shades are to be loved.

IBA lipstick maintains its effect for 6 hours.

But I did not like the fact that this lipstick fails by applying hand, even after being matte, it does not give a matte look.

Its packaging is simple which I did not find so special, the ingredients and instructions written on this packet do not give satisfaction.

IBA Lipstick Price:

This lipstick is easily available to you online because it is an Indian brand that’s why you will get it at cosmetic shop offline as well.

If we talk about its price, then it is available in the market for around 550 rupees and on online sites like Nyka, flipkart, amazon etc for around 500 rupees.

Our ratings: 4/5

2. IBA Alovera Gel.

IBA Alovera Gel
IBA Alovera Gel

IBA Halal Aloe Vera Face and Body Gel gives very effective results in keeping the skin hydrated and soft. IBA Aloe Vera Gel cleans the pores of the skin.

This removes the dirt on the skin and also destroys the pimple germs, it makes your skin calm and provides a cooling refreshing effect.

IBA Alovera Gel Ingredients:

Aloe leaf juice, glycerin, propyelene glycol, polysorbate 20, acrylate alkyl acrylate, crosspolymer, cucumis sativu extract, phenoxyethanol, perfume,sodium hydroxide, citric acid, DMDM Hydantoin & iodopropynyl butylcarbamate,phenoxyethanol & methyllisothiazolinone.

IBA Alovera Gel Benefits (Pro’s)–

#1. Keeps skin hydrated.

#2. Provides freshness.

#3. Pocket friendly.

#4. Also good for makeup remover.

#5. Easy to use.

#6. Gives a feeling of lightness.

#7. Gives a fresh and bright look.

#8. It’s good option for travel.

IBA Alovera Side Effect (Cons)–

#1. Doesn’t work for pimples.

#2. Expensive.

#3. Not everyone suits.

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IBA Alovera Gel How to use:

  • First clean your face through cleansing or face wash.
  • And remember to eat a clean cloth from the tower and eat it well.
  • Take out the aloe vera gel on your hands and with the help of a finger apply all over the face, apply in such quantity as is required on your face.
  • Now massage gently with light hands, keep massaging the face for about 10 minutes, by doing this the skin glows and wrinkles, freckles etc.
  • Apply on face and body by gently massaging it into the skin. Use as frequently as needed. Gentle and safe for daily use.

>>>My Experience

IBN Aloe Vera Gel comes in a semi transparent tube, it has a very mild and luscious fragrance which fades away after massaging.

Its packaging is very good, the tube being transparent makes it easy to see how much aloe vera gel comes in the packing and how much is left after use.

Its lid is quite tight and it is used by removing it through the top tube clip.

I have used it, it is easily asked, does not give any pain, it is easy to get allergic in the skin and after applying this, this space and coolness is felt.

According to me, this gel has suit my skin, I have also liked its effect and its aroma, although it is only used to keep the skin hydrated, it is not effective in removing skin stains.

IBA Alovera Gel Price: Around 95 INR for 100 g.

Our Rating: 3/5

3. IBA Pure Skin Liquid Foundation.

IBA Pure Skin Liquid Foundation.
IBA Pure Skin Liquid Foundation.

According to brand; IBA SKIN LIQUID FOUNDATION comes with spf-15 which provides sun protection to the skin and also gives a glowing and oil free furnishing.

This foundation does not clog the pores of the skin, its use keeps oxygen in the skin.

IBA Liquid Foundation Ingredients:

Vitamins, minerals and many types of ingredients have been used in it. Mainly Vitamin E has been added.

IBA Liquid Foundation Benefits (Pro’s)–

#1.Suitable for all skin types.

#2. paraben free.

#3. With halal certified.

#4. sulfate free.

#5. Skin Breathable.

IBA Liquid Foundation Side Effect (Cons)–

#1. This product does not have the results as claimed.

#2. It makes the skin sticky.

#3.The skin penetrates inside the pores, which does not give a finished look.

#4. Within a few hours, it dries and becomes like a crust.

>>>My experience..

My experience with foundation was not very good as its use started causing pimple problems on my skin.

After using this foundation, the oily effect started coming on the skin within a few hours, although I had chosen this product according to my skin type, but still this iba product did not give good effect to my skin.

As far as I have used it, this product can be perfect for people with dry skin and especially for those whose skin does not damage any product quickly.

Iba liquid foundation Price:

You can easily get 30 gm packet of this foundation online around Rs.350. Apart from this, you can check its rates in the offline market.

Our Rating: 2/5

4. IBA Invisible Spf 50 Pa++++ Sunscreen.

IBA Invisible Spf 50 Pa++++ Sunscreen.
IBA Invisible Spf 50 Pa++++ Sunscreen.

IBA Care Fairness Sunscreen is a gel base cream with SPF 50 which absorbs quickly into the skin and gives a natural glow.

Because it contains spf-50, it is a very effective and protective way to protect your skin from the harmful rays of the sun.

This cream spreads very easily on the face and also shows a great effect in reducing blemishes on the face.

IBA Invisible Spf 50 Pa++++ Sunscreen Ingredients:

No Alcohol,No Pork or Animal Derrived Ingredients,No Sulfates and Paraben,water.

Is IBA sunscreen Good For Oily Skin?

This sunscreen is also a good option for people with oily skin. this sunscreen gets absorbed into the skin very easily and provides protection from the sun rays without damaging the skin pores.

It is also a great product for people with oily skin as it gives an oil-free look without making the face oily.

IBA Invisible Spf 50 Pa++++ Sunscreen Benefits (Pro’s)–

#1. The best part is that this sunscreen has an SPF of 50 which gives very good results in keeping the skin safe from the sun rays.

#2. This cream also helps to remove the marks on the skin.

#3. It is also effective in reducing the signs of aging from the skin.

#4. This sunscreen is also effective in lightening the skin.

#5. You can use it everyday.

#6. It also helps in providing a good base to the makeup.

#7. Maintains the natural glow of the face.

#8. Its effect remains on them for a long time.

#9. Does not allow the pores of the skin to get clogged.

#10. After applying it, freshness and freshness appears on the skin.

IBA Invisible Spf 50 Pa++++ Sunscreen Side Effect (Cons)–

#1. Although no specific side effects have been seen, but the more sensitive ingredients found in sunscreen can make the face red or irritate the face.

#2. If you notice any such effect, then stop using this cream and consult a doctor.

IBA Invisible Spf 50 Pa++++ Sunscreen How to use.

  • To use it, first wash your face with the help of face wash and dry it.
  • Now take out the sunscreen on your hands and with the help of your finger apply it on the face, on the ears and on the neck, dot by dot.
  • Then massage it by spreading it all over the face, after that you can apply your makeup.
  • Before using sunscreen, read the instructions written on the lable (iba product) carefully and only then use it.
  • Keep in mind that while applying it, keep it away from the eyes and if there is any kind of wound on the skin, then do not apply it on the wounds.

>>>My experience

This sunscreen turned out to be very good for me as it got all the qualities that I wanted in its packaging and I also liked the results very much

Screen coverage is quite good and looks good when used in moderation, I have not noticed any side effects from using them.

This sunscreen stays on the skin for a long time, providing an impressive glow and finishing and freshness to the skin.

This sunscreen absorbs quickly into the skin and gives a soft and glowing look to my skin, I have used it for more than 2 months, so this sunscreen proved to be very good for me.

But it is not necessary that everyone should get good results like I have got, that’s why before using this culture, consult your doctor and choose the right iba product for yourself as per his instructions.

IBA Invisible Spf 50 Pa++++ Sunscreen price:

Available on Amazon, purplle, Myntra 80 gm version is for around Rs.350. And its rate is running around Rs.180 on Big basket and nykaa.com.

Our rating: 4/5

5. IBA Ibandronate 500mg Tablet.

IBA 500mg Tablet belongs to drugs called Bisphosphonates. It is mainly used for strengthening bones. It helps in preventing and treating Osteoporosis which is a disease of bones.

Is IBA 150mg Tablet Safe?

If this medicine has been prescribed to you by your doctor then it is safe for you but according to your own information it is not safe to consume this medicine, then keep in mind do not take this medicine without doctors.

IBA Ibandronate 500mg Tablet Benefits:

#1. Treat osteoporosis.

#2. It’s increase bone mineral density.

#3. Make strong your bones.

IBA Ibandronate 500mg Tablet Side Effect:

If you consuming these tablets then can experience these below side effects…

#1. Back pain.

#2. Headache.

#3. Diarrhoea.

#4. Infection.

#5. Any type of allergy.

#6. May increase cholestrol level.

#7. Indgestion.

#8. Tooth disease.

#9. Vomitting.

#10. skin rashes.

#11. muscles pain.

#12. Sleep disorder.

IBA Ibandronate 500mg Tablet Precautions:

• Avoide excess dosage of iba tablet.

• keep store in cool and dry place.

• Keep in air tight container.

• Keep away to children.

IBA 150mg Tablet How to use?

Follow all the instructions given by the doctor to take this medicine, do not lie down immediately after taking this medicine, keep walking for some time.

How Does IBA 150mg Tablet Work?

Iba 150 mg tablet helps in curing the problem of osteoporosis. It works by increasing the density of bones. These medicines are also used for bone cancer and bone metastases.

How Long Should Take IBA 150mg Tablet?

IBA 150 mg tablet should be taken according to the doctor’s prescription, for how many days and in what quantity, the doctor will be able to advise after checking your health.

These tablets should not be used for a long time, but according to your health, the doctor gives you the right information that for how long you will have to use them.

Why Can not Lie Down After Taking IBA 150mg Tablet?

If after taking this medicine, you do not move and lie down, then side effects of the medicine can occur, its main damage can be in the food pipe and in the digestive system.

To prevent such side effects, it is advised to take some walk after consuming this medicine.

What If I Forget To Take A Dose Of IBA 150mg Tablet?

If you forget to take iba 150 mg tablet and the second time is near to take this medicine, then do not take this medicine now and take it at next time.

If you will eat the previous medicine now and then after some time eat the second pura, then you may suffer from it, so remember to take the medicine on time.

What Lifestyle Changes Should Follow During Taking IBA 500 mg Tablet?

If your doctor has advised you to take 150 mg tablet, then you can increase its benefits by making these lifestyle changes.

• Do some yoga yoga to strengthen bones.

• Get some sunlight in the morning.

• Do not smoke or consume alcohol at all.

Take a walk for some time and massage your joints with some ayurvedic oil.

Final words:

Before using the iba products mentioned in the article, consult a doctor and choose these products for yourself according to their instructions.

All product cannot be the same for everyone, so if one has got good results or other got bad results, it is not necessary that the effect of that thing should be the same for you,

so choose the right product according to the instructions of the doctor.

It is not wise to use the product by taking online information, if you want to get a good effective result and do not want to waste your money, then definitely consult a doctor first.

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