Ponds Super Light Gel: Benefits Side effects Uses (Complete truth)

Ponds Super Light Gel Moisturizer is a product which has remained people’s favorite ever since it came into the market. Most people like to use Pond’s Moisturizer for skincare, because it’s very good and has no side effects, so let’s talk about it in this post detailed.

Ponds super light gel a beautiful women applying on her face
Ponds super light gel

We all see that pollution is increasing daily and many types of skin allergy are also spreading due to this. In such a summer season, we have oily skin and skin dryness in winter, which affects the glow of our face and to avoid this, we apply a lot of cream powder on our face, which affects our skin. Through this blog, i am telling about a cream that proves to be very beneficial for the skin and you can use it to avoid sunlight and avoid pollution and it also maintains your beauty.

Ponds Moisturizer, a lightweight everyday moisturizer with a non-oily sensation and dryness also has been a hit with beauty aficionados since its release.

Product details:

• The recipe is light and contains 80% water.

• This moisturizer’s light and non-oily texture makes it suitable for use all year.

• Vitamin E-enriched, nutritious face, hand, and body care

• All-day smooth skin with a new radiance

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Ponds Super Light Gel Moisturizer uses:

Ponds super light gel moisturizer has the following uses:

• It provides moisture to the face.

• Prevents skin from becoming dry.

• If it is used regularly, it provides glow to the skin.

• With its use, dark spots also gradually reduce.

• It repairs the skin.

Ponds super light moisturizer Ingredients:

Ponds Moisturizer contains numerous fantastic components, including

Niacinamide: It is an anti-acne and skin brightening agent.

Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate: a kind of Vitamin C that is excellent for skin whitening.

Tocopherol Acetate: it is an anti-oxidant vitamin E.

Glycerin: humectant that draws moisture to the skin.

Sodium PCA: It is a humectant that draws moisture into the skin.

Allantoin: it is a skin conditioner.

Chemical UV filters are ethylhexyl methoxycinnamate and butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane.

Mineral sunscreen filters include titanium dioxide and zinc oxide.

Aside from the above-mentioned beneficial elements, the Ponds Light Moisturizer contains a number of perfuming agents and comedogenic chemicals that may not be suited for persons suffering from fungal acne.

Ponds Moisturizer: Read In Hindi On Our hindi website (Khulkarjiyo)

Ponds Moisturizer Price

25ml – 35 INR

75ml – 115 INR

150ml – 199 INR

250ml – 249 INR

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Ponds super light gel moisturizer How to use?

1. Apply the cream on your face.

2. Massage gently in an upward and outward spiral motion.

3. Apply and massage some cream into your hands and body.

4. After applying this moisturizer, apply a good sunscreen also so that you get protection from the harmful rays of the sun.

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Skin type:

Combination in the summer, dry in the winter, sensitive, and acne-prone skin


It comes in a lovely sleek round tube with a screw lid. The container is convenient for travel and includes all necessary information such as price, ingredients, and expiry date.


It has a gentle floral aroma that is nice but not overpowering.

Which moisturizer is best for face?

Ponds has released a new moisturizer like ponds super light gel oil free cream,pond white beauty and many more varieties according to customer demands.Its formula is excellent.If you have oily, mixed, or normal skin, this is the product for you.Its is easily available in market with affordable price.

Can we use pond moisturizer daily?

It is perfect and you can use it according to your choice.if you have no skin disease.

Is ponds moisturizer good for face?

Ponds Skin Cream features a thick and creamy texture that is easily absorbed by the skin to hydrate deeply while greatly reducing dryness, and it just received the Influenster Annual Reviewers’ Choice for best “Mass Facial Moisturizer” based on public voting.

Which is better Ponds or Nivea?

I believe Nivea and Ponds are both equally effective, however Nivea gives more amount at a lower price than Ponds and has a longer shelf life than Ponds. So Nivea gets my vote. If you don’t like either of these, there are plenty of other options on the market.

Which is best ponds light moisturizer or ponds super light gel?

All the moisturizers of ponds are good, some people like to use ponds light moisturizer while many people like ponds super light gel, ponds super light gel is becoming more popular nowadays.

Because it is new and its use gives better results on the skin compared to other moisturizers and one does not have to suffer from its disadvantages.

Ponds super light gel Benefits:

Skin moisturizer:

Ponds Cream is one of India’s oldest and most effective day creams. The day cream, infused with the goodness of glycerine and other nourishing components, readily absorbs into the skin and keeps it moist for a long time.

It does not make the skin appear greasy or oily, thus it is also suitable for those with oily skin. It can also be applied beneath makeup to create a smooth, moisturised base. This product is ideal if you are seeking for a low-cost moisturizer that is suitable for all skin types.

Remove dark spots:

Did you know that just 10 minutes in the sun can cause permanent black patches that are difficult to remove? Pond’s Cream is specifically designed to prevent and remove existing dark spots, leaving you with clear and healthy skin.

It lightens skin and black spots by blocking melanin transfer to the skin’s surface, revealing a clear and immaculate complexion. Using it on a daily basis will help remove dark spots and give your skin a clear and healthy appearance in a matter of weeks. Invest in a day cream immediately to get rid of those pesky dark patches.

Give glowing skin:

Radiant and beautiful skin is always fashionable, but maintaining clear, healthy skin these days is quite challenging. Pollution, UV rays, and other environmental conditions can deplete the radiance and make it appear dull.

Fortunately, this can be avoided by using a skin lightening day cream, such as Pond’s White Beauty Cream. With regular usage, it has skin brightening and lightening characteristics that make your skin healthy and vibrant.

For best results, apply the lotion every morning after cleansing. Aside from that, maintain a healthy skincare program that includes exfoliation and masking treatments on a regular basis to achieve the skin of your desires.

Non stick glow:

Using Ponds Super Light Gel provides a non-stick gel which does not leave the skin oily but gives a finishing beauty look.

All year moisturization:

You can use this moisturizer from Ponds in any season of the year, it is suitable for every season and helps in keeping the skin glowing and moisturized.

Many more benefits skin renewal, moisture restoration, fine line and wrinkle reduction, and a lighter complexion

Ponds super light gel Side effects:. 

However, skin irritation, redness, and allergic responses have been reported, particularly in people who have cream advantages include skin rejuvenation, moisture restoration, elimination of fine lines and aging signs, and a lighter complexion.Skin that is sensitive. 

Safety issues and Customer Reviews:

Safety concerns frequently revolve around its use to torn or damaged skin, which can result in additional discomfort or infection. Customers typically praise Ponds Cream for its price and effectiveness in skin whitening, while few report unpleasant responses, implying that patch tests prior to full application are recommended.


To summarize, Ponds Cream can provide substantial skin benefits, but proper measures should be taken to avoid negative effects, especially if you have sensitive skin. For proper application, dermatologists should be consulted on a regular basis.

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