Meditation Cushion Benefits & Side Effects

A meditation cushion, also known as a “zafu,” is a specially designed cushion used for meditation practice. It elevates the hips, providing a stable sitting posture, and promoting proper alignment. Available in various sizes, shapes, and materials, these cushions are used in meditation traditions to create a comfortable environment for deep, focused meditation. They can also have removable covers for easy cleaning.

Meditation Cushion Benefits & Side Effects
Meditation Cushion Benefits & Side Effects – Check Amazon Price

Meditation cushion: My Review

I had never had a butt-sized zafu before and thought that when it arrived, it would be small; I suspected; my pleasure. Its precise shape and design support correct posture so that sitting can last longer and I especially like it higher. I’m only 5 feet tall, but my legs get numb during my 20-minute meditations, so I like a higher cushion. wider than this tree-like one – also sold on Amazon – with a velvet cover and a replacement mandala. That one should have been mine. This is what I bought.

It is comfortable to lie against and provides its original purpose. If you have extremely a hearing loss while you sleep, like I do, I wouldn’t suggest using buckwheat hulls as a head pillow. The sides are moving, which I can hear.

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Meditation cushion benefits:

Improved comfort: A meditation chair makes it easier to sit for long periods of time by providing support to your back as well as reducing pressure on your legs.

Proper posture: It promotes a proper meditative posture, which is important for meditation, and helps create a straight back and aligned waist.

Increase focus in meditation: The comfort provided by a meditation cushion helps you focus on your meditation practice rather than discomfort or pain.

Stress Reduction: Meditation cushion create a relaxing and peaceful environment, contributing to reducing stress during meditation sessions.

Improved circulation: Elevating your head on cushion can improve blood circulation in your head, reducing numbness and discomfort.

Strong Core Brain: With regular use this can help strengthen the core brain as you maintain a stable posture.

Support for new meditators: Natural meditators usually find it easier to maintain a meditation posture with the help of a cushion.

Energy Flow: Some practitioners believe that chairs can help promote the flow of energy (prana or chi) in the body during meditation.

Pain Relief: Individuals with back or knee problems may experience less pain when using a meditation cushion.

Variety: They are suitable for a variety of meditation techniques, such as mindfulness, Zen, or Vipassana.

Mind-Body Connection: A comfortable chair promotes the connection between your mind and body, encouraging a deeper meditative experience.

Attractiveness: Many chairs are aesthetically pleasing, adding to the ambiance of your meditation space.

Attention Abuse: This is used to reduce abuse, which helps in becoming more focused on the inner journey of meditation.

Deep breathing: Comfortable position can encourage deep and synchronised breathing, which is important in many meditation practices.

Better concentration: When meditation is more comfortable, you’re more likely to maintain a steady practice.

Increases Patience: Using a cushion teaches patience, as you gradually practice sitting for longer periods of time.

Improved mindfulness: Improved posture and relaxation can encourage a state of deeper mindfulness.

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Meditation cushion Side Effects:

Requirement: Some individuals may have a greater need for cushion to meditate and may find it challenging to meditate without them.

Cost: High-quality meditation cushion can be expensive, which may deter some people from practicing meditation.

Storage Space: cushion can take up space in your home, which some people may have limited space to accommodate.

Maintenance: cushion require regular care and cleaning to keep them clean and looking after them.

Sensory disconnection: In some cases, excessive use of cushion can create sensory disconnection, making it difficult for you to feel any grounding while meditating.

Adjustments in Difficulty: Over-reliance on cushion can prevent many meditators from meditating in other positions or asanas.

Postural Dependence: Relying solely on cushion can cause some meditators to refuse to address their underlying posture problems.

Difficulty in adjustment: Adjusting the cushion base can take time, which may be difficult for some people.

Social stigma: Some individuals may feel self-conscious about using cushion in group meditation sessions.

Lack of portability: Meditation chairs are not easily portable, which can create difficulties if you want to meditate outside the home.

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Meditation cushion india:

You can buy meditation cushions in India from various online retailers or local shops that offer yoga and meditation materials. Popular options include Amazon India, Flipkart, and yoga supply stores.

meditation cushion set:

Meditation cushion sets usually include one cushion, sometimes with a matching mat or other accessories such as a meditation timer or incense. You can find these sets at online retailers or at yoga supply stores.

Meditation cushion with back support:

Meditation cushions with back support, also called meditation chairs or benches, provide greater comfort during meditation. You can find these online such as on Amazon or in stores that carry meditation and yoga supplies.

Meditation cushion amazon:

Amazon is a popular platform to buy meditation cushions and related products. You can browse through various options, You can read the reviews and choose the one as per your choice.

Meditation cushion vipassana:

Vipassana meditation practitioners typically use traditional zafu cushions or special meditation benches. Find a meditation cushion suitable for you for Vipassana practice online or ask for recommendations at Vipassana meditation centers.

Meditation cushion near me:

To find meditation cushions near you, you can check local yoga and meditation stores Or can visit wellness centres. Alternatively, explore online options and have the cushions delivered to your location.

Meditation cushion decathlon:

Decathlon, a sporting goods retailer, may offer meditation cushions among its yoga and wellness products. Check out their website or visit a nearby Decathlon store to see if they have meditation cushions available.

Meditation cushion cover:

If you already have a meditation cushion and need a cover, you can often purchase these covers separately. These come in different designs and materials, and you can buy them on online platforms or ask from shops selling meditation materials.

Best Meditation Cushion:

The best meditation cushion is one that is designed to provide the most supportive and pleasant seating for your meditation practice.

Zafu Meditation Cushion:

A Zafu cushion is a type of cushion designed to provide a supportive and comfortable posture in meditation practice.

Do You Need a Meditation Cushion:

Whether you need an ultimate cushion for meditation practice depends on the needs of your practice.

Meditation Chair:

A meditation chair is a specially designed chair that provides additional support during meditation practice.

Meditation Mat:

Meditation mat is a type of mat used for meditation practice.

Seize Meditation:

Taking time to meditate is an important practice in which you set aside some time in the middle of your day for meditation and peace.

Meditation cushion FAQs:

Are meditation cushions worth it?

Yes, meditation chairs, also known as zafu or zabuton, can enhance the meditation experience. We will talk about its benefits and whether they are valuable in investing in this answer.

What is a meditation cushion called?

A meditation chair is known by a variety of names, such as a zafu, jabuton, or simply a meditation pillow. Let’s see what these names mean.

What does a meditation pillow do?

Meditation pillow serves supporting functions in meditation practice. We will find out in this answer how it supports your meditative state and helps you have a comfortable and focused practice of meditation.

How do you use meditation cushions?

Using meditation chairs correctly helps improve your meditation practice. In this answer, we will tell you the right way to use meditation chairs to make your meditation practice comfortable and effective.

Can I use a regular pillow for meditation?

meditation cushion are specifically designed for meditation, but we will discuss whether you should consider using a regular pillow as a alternative.

Can you wash a meditation cushion?

Maintaining cleanliness in your meditation area is important, so it is also important to know if and how you can care for your meditation chair. In this answer, we will tell you about the proper care and maintenance of your chair

Do yogis use pillows?

The use of pillows or chairs in yoga practice depends on the yogi’s style and personal preferences. In this answer, we will see if and how pillows are incorporated into yoga sessions.

What is inside a meditation pillow?

The filling inside a meditation pillow plays an important role in its comfort and support. In this answer, we will explain the general information about the accessories commonly used inside meditation pillows and Will discover their benefits.


To choose a meditation cushion for your meditation practice, take into account factors such as size, shape, and material that best suit your personal preferences.

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