New moon meditation – All you need to know about it..

Hello readers Today we will know about New Moon Meditation, it is a practice that purpose to align with the lunar phase of infinite possibility, set intention, and manifest positive change for you.

Performing this meditation involves saying a cleansing and clearing prayer out loud, although you can also recite your wish quietly it will work also.

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What is New moon meditation?

New moon meditation
New moon meditation

New Moon Meditation is a practice that will give you infinite literally makes your wish come true, In it you keep up with the lunar phase by setting your intentions and desire to manifest positive change.

Normally this meditation can be done starting from Amavasya till next Amavasya in which you need to keep cleanliness sorrounding you,

it is necessary to have faith in your prayers and you should do this meditation on time till complete.

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Is new moon good luck?

Yes in Indian customs it is considered lucky it is said if to enter new house during new moon it is good, Because it is believed that the new light of the moon is a symbol of generating positive worship by removing the darkness.

New Moon Manifesting Ritual –

When the new moon comes out removing the darkness of Amavasya, it brings positive thoughts in our mind. It is believed that this moon spreads new light by erasing the darkness.

That’s why it is more effective to do meditation at this time, but for this it is said to follow some rituals as well.

• Set the intention.

• Do Meditate.

• Write down your intentions.

• Release what no longer serves you.

• Create a sacred space.

• Choose a silent place.

• Take inspired action.

• Charge your intentions time to time.

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What are the benefits of meditating on the new moon?

Some benefits of new moon meditation are:

  • By New Moon Meditation, the energy of the Moon and the stars can be harnessed to fulfill your big dreams and desire to be successful in life.
  • By doing this meditation, you ca feel the positive energy inside you and thus attract good things and good events in your life.
  • It gives you the ability to enlighten oneself in order to receive guidance from the spirit.
  • By doing this meditation, your intentions become stronger and you are able to perform better in future.
  • This meditation not only helps you to progress in life but it is also beneficial in improving your health.
  • Through New Moon Meditation, you can attract progress, money and happiness for yourself and your love and peace.
  • This meditation helps you to understand the truth of life, so that you can understand the evils inside you and try to eliminate them.

Can I meditate on a new moon?

If you’d like to try new moon meditation, you can find some examples of yoga flows, guided meditations, and prayers online.

To do this, find a quiet place and set up a sacred space with candles, crystals, or other objects. You can also create your own ritual by writing down your wishes on a piece of paper that resonates with you.

While doing this, you can meditate on your wishes, visualize them coming true, and express your gratitude for them.

You can also write your goal on paper and burn it or bury it in the ground to make the universe clear about your intentions for fulfill.

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How do you manifest on a new moon?

To manifest on a new moon, you can follow these steps:

• Cleanse your living space.

If you want to remove negative energy and wish to attract positive energy, then it is very important that you choose a place where there is cleanliness.

Because cleanliness attracts positive energy, for this you can arrange for soft music by lighting a candle at the same place.

• Decide on what you want to manifest.

Before manifesting, you need to understand what you really want, ask yourself this question.

What I really want Here you don’t need to think at all about what you don’t want, you just have to think about what you want and manifest your desire by just focusing on that.

It is important to know what you are asking for and why you are asking because if you do not know what you want and for what purpose then how can you attract it?

• Visualize the outcome of your manifestation.

Before achieving anything, it is necessary to imagine that thing and feel it near you, this is a very important step to achieve anything.

Close your eyes and imagine that you have what you want, that you have got that thing and feel the happiness that you will feel after your wish is fulfilled.

• Write down what you want to manifest.

To manifest anything, it is very important that you write it because writing manifests energy in your desire and this energy helps you to get your desires quickly.

How quickly your wish is fulfilled after writing it depends on how important what you have asked for is to you and how soon you want that thing.

• Meditate on it.

Start meditating after writing down what you want to come. You don’t need to focus on your desire while meditating. Sit quietly and concentrate on your breath without thinking and repeat your wishes in your mind.

This method helps you a lot to get what you want according to your wish and you also get that thing in the stipulated time if your intention is good.

• Believe that it will come true.

Now your next step would be to believe in whatever you have asked for during new moon meditation and feel it coming true. You should have full faith that you are getting what you have asked for.

Although during this time your mind will create obstacles to stay firm on your belief but you have to have full faith here only then you will get the right result soon.

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• Give thanks to the universe and the moon.

The last step is to thank the Brahman and the Moon for manifesting your desires, to be grateful. Your feeling of gratitude generates powerful energy within you, which makes you attract things.

To say thank you, you can say it out loud orally, you can also express your gratitude by writing, and you can burn or bury the written note.

So these were some of the steps you can follow to manifest your desires through New Moon Meditation.

Here you need to keep in mind that this time is the time of very good officers, by taking advantage of this time you can bring positive changes in your life.

What are some of your intentions for this new moon?

Some of my intentions for this new moon are:

  • The coming response to your desire should be more creative and expressive now, for that you need to keep the intention together.
  • To learn from users’ feedback and interactions.
  • To get a correct and attractive information, it is very important that your intention is clear.
  • to express enthusiasm and enjoy the conversation

How your intentions? What are some of your intentions for this new moon ?

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