U.S FDA approved new menopause drug “Veozah” for hot flashes

FDA approved new menopause drug “Veozah” for hot flashes – Menopause in women is a time between the ages of 45 and 55 when women stop having periods. Most of all, he had to suffer hot flashes only because there was no treatment option available till now.

FDA approved new menopause drug "Veozah" for hot flashes
FDA approved new menopause drug “Veozah” for hot flashes

Often whenever someone talks about menopause, people are not interested about it and ignore it because the symptoms of menopause seem to be a normal process.

But on the other hand, if you ask women and experience their condition in this time period in which they have to face many symptoms, most of all they have to experience hot flashes, then you will understand how much they tolerate.

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Some women may experience this hot flashes symptom of menopause for the next 10 years, although it goes away in a short period of time, but it remains a very long time period when women struggle with this problem.

Till now it was treated through hormone therapy, but now a drug approved in America has found a cure for this symptom for women, so now women can get a solution to hot flashes through medicine.

Because taking hormone therapy is not affordable for everyone but medicine can be taken by everyone then it is a good option for women which can give them relief from this symptom of menopause.

What exactly are hot flashes?

Hot flashes are 1 symptom that women have during menopause, in which suddenly the body starts heating up like fever and feels hot, due to which women suffer from restlessness, lack of sleep, nervousness, pain, etc.

A new formula to treat severe menopausal hot flashes The introduction of this molecule will provide an additional safe and effective treatment option for women with hot flashes.

What is the new drug to stop hot flushes?

This anti-hot flashes drug called Veozah is said to be a successful treatment for hot flashes.

According to research done in 2022, Veozah is an experimental drug that has emerged as a new option for women in addition to hormone therapy.

What is the best medicine for severe hot flashes?

Until now there was no medicine treatment for symptoms like severe hot flashes,

but now in the u.s. The Food and Drug Administration has approved the drug (Veozah), a brand of Wozah, to treat the symptoms of menopause.

What should be kept in mind by women who want to take this drug?

Because it is a new drug, it is important to take care of many precautions to take it, that is why the FDA says that women who want to take this medicine should take care of these things like

Get your blood test done before taking the medicine and make an idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtaking this medicine only after taking information from the doctor.

If you have any problem related to liver, then you should tell the doctor about it and you can consume this medicine only on the advice of the doctor.

Apart from this, you have to keep in mind that you should not buy it yourself, take this medicine only on the instructions of the doctor.

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How to use This New approved medicine for hot flashes?

According to the doctor you should take 45 mg tablet each day, with or after food to use it. It is taken orally.

But it is important to keep in mind that make a habit of taking them at a fixed time every day, that is, this medicine should be taken at the same time. The FDA warns about possible liver damage for this.

That’s why the FD says women need to be screened for liver damage or infection before taking this prescription, so you can safely take the treatment without complications.

Apart from this, the FDA also advises you to get blood tests done every three months for the next nine months to monitor your health.

How much will the new menopause drug cost?

Astellas Pharma, based in Tokyo, Japan, said the new drug would be priced at $550 for a one-month supply.

The drug could be available in pharmacies within weeks, Marci English, vice president and head of biopharma development at the drug’s maker Astellas, told NBC News.

Why do SSRIs reduce hot flashes?

These drugs work by rebalancing or blocking chemicals in the brain and are effective in relieving symptoms of hot flashes in women.

Is there any evidence based treatment for hot flashes?

The most effective treatment for hot flashes is treatment with systemic estrogen, which results in a 75% reduction in VMS frequency or hot flashes.

But here you now have medicine available, which has come out as a successful treatment for hot flashes for you, it is an effective medicine.

Menopause symptoms include everything from the well-known –

There are many symptoms of menopause which are mostly ignored –

Common symptoms are anxiety, vaginal dryness, painful intercourse, decreased sexual function, insomnia and joint pain accompanied by hot flashes and night sweats.

The age at which a woman goes through menopause can be affected by factors such as genetics, autoimmune conditions, trauma to the ovaries, and toxic exposures such as chemotherapy and radiation.

What are the side effects of this new drug (Veozah)?

If you are also going through menopause and want to take this medicine for your symptoms and you need to know about its side effects first.

So that you can take this medicine safely by avoiding its possible disadvantages.

So let us tell you that a study has found that the most common side effects of this medicine for menopausal hot flashes are abdominal pain, diarrhea, insomnia, back pain, hot flushes, and increased liver enzymes.

What are the Benefits of this new drug (Veozah)?

The most important advantage of this new medicine (Veozah) is that its regular use can help you get rid of menopausal hot flashes and apart from this, you can also get rid of other symptoms of menopause.

Do hot flashes continue after menopause?

Hot flashes can still occur for some time after menopause, although after the menopause the symptoms often become less severe so that they do not bother you as much.

Some women also feel these hot flashes very rarely during menopause and they do not occur all the time, they only experience it for short periods of time.

But for some women, it becomes a serious problem and they tolerate this problem all the time.

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