Why does my site always reject AdSense with the reason “low value content”? (Fix in 24 hrs)

A Best way to earn money online is to run ads on your site with Google Adsense, yes money can be earned by running ads on your site and a good amount of revenue can be generated.

but Google Adsense gives reason low value content and reject while you trying so many times how to fix?

How do you solve low value content problems?
How do you solve low value content problems?

When a blogger works hard and makes a good search volume on his side, then he applies for Google Adsense, but even after that most of the bloggers are unable to get Google Adsense, why so?

Some people give up here, but the bloggers who are determined that they do not have to give up, go ahead and generate a good amount of revenue,

They find a solution to this problem, for which more of the people go youtuber videos.

What does low-value content mean?

If your site has been examined for low-value content and you do not understand what it means, then it means your content that you have written or created is not valuable in the eyes of Google.

That’s why there are probably already articles on Google on this subject and if the posts written on your site are copyrighte then the issue of value content may occur also.

Because Google always wants to provide good valuable and quality content to its users, so the content of your website should be qualitative and self-created.

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Helping you? to solve low value content?

Yes friends I can say this because this happened to me too but now I have google adsense approval on every site and I get easily on new site also but when I started my journey then for not easy for me too.

I have also had the problem of low value content and I searched a lot for its solution on YouTube, blog, and social media, where I found many different ways to solve this problem, but they all didn’t work.

So finally friends, I used a trick myself and after doing that trick, I got Google Adsense approval within 22 hours.

So friend, if you are also facing the problem of low value content and you are unable to find the solution, then today you have come to the right place, here you will find permanent solution.

Once you get to know this trick, then you will never have any problem in getting Google Adsense approval in future, within 24 to 48 hours you will get Google’s address easily, so let’s know what a magical trick is?

What are the reasons for low value content?

When you get this notice from Google Adsense, your Adsense account is rejected because your site has low value content,

it means that whatever content you have put on your site, it will be blocked from Google search. That is, your content is not valuable for people.

there can be two reasons for this.

1. In the content you have written, you have not given complete information which people really want to know.

2. And the second reason could be that there is already an article on that topic on Google So why will Google give value to your article because it already has the content that you are giving to it, so your content does not have value.

Apart from this, there can be many other reasons for two value content, including lack of optimization of images on your site, not having proper SEO of the post.

What to do to solve problem of low value content?

low value content adsense fix
low value content adsense fix

This is a very common problem that almost every blogger has to face in the beginning because they do not have complete knowledge about Adsense due to being new to it.

So whenever you apply for Google Adsense, first of all read the terms and condition of Google Adsense carefully and then apply Adsense on the same basis.

To solve this problem, you have to make some improvements in your blogs post –

• Check all the posts and see whether you have done seo correctly or not.

• Pay attention to the Image Optimization that you have optimized your image as it is a very important ranking factor.

• Have you written such content that readers want to read or your content is such that it is already present on Google.

• For example, if you write articles on health and you have written a post on how to do meditation.

• So it will not be considered as a valuable content because a lot of such content is already being ranked in Google, so Google will not give you content.

• Therefore, it needs to be noted that whatever post you write, search it on Google whether it is needed on Google or it is already in Google.

• It also matters how many words your post is, if you are blocking then it is a simple matter that you are a competitor because many other bloggers are working on your same niche.

• So you also have to keep in mind that your post should be at least 1000 words, a good content is considered to be 1600 words.

• So friend, if you do not have all these problems on your site, keeping all these points in mind, you have written a post on your site.

• And still you get low value content notice from Adsense then what is your solution?

• Your theme should be simple adsense friendly and do not use overload plugins on your site.

See, the solution to this problem is very easy if you are getting views from Google search on your site.

• At least Google search 30 to 50 views must come on your site.

• If there is such a post on your site which is ranking on the first page or second page on Google and clicks are coming on them, then you have to do one simple thing and your problem will be solved.

That is, find the content on your site that is not getting any clicks or searching and put them in the draft.

If you have 30 to 40 content on your site, then you have to draft 10 content which are not coming in search.

And then you send the request to Google Adsense again, within 24 hours you will get the approval of Google Adsense.

This is my tried and tested method which works 99% and can get Adsense approval soon, so definitely try it.

But if there is absolutely no volume on your site and no clicks are coming from the search, then this trick will not work.

Then you have to write 10 such content on your site which is not already on Google.

For that you do not need to choose any big topic, write a post on the query of small people and after writing 10 posts, optimize the image by completing SEO.

Then put your previously written posts which are not getting clicked and which are already on Google, put them in the draft.

And send request to Adsense, this problem of yours will be completely hundred percent solved.

What things should be kept in mind to solve the problem of low value content –

Tips for solve low value content from adsense:

• We have already explained all the important things to you above but here you can understand them in brief like –

• You have to work only on 1 niche, that is, if you write articles on technology, then put only posts related to technology on your site.

• Write post on unique topic like if you write post on technology and you write what is technology then it is not unique topic.

• But if you write how to set up chrome browser or how much money can be earned from youtube short my tricks, then this can be your unique niche.

• Simple, you have to write such articles which are not already ranking in Google.

• When you have applied for Google Adsense, then do not do any tampering on your site until you get the strength of Adsense.

• Also, do at least one post daily until Adsense approval is received.

• Take care of the image optimize, if you do not know how to do image optimization, then write us in the comment, we will tell you the complete guide.

• There should not be a copyright post, that is, the post you are writing is not to be copied from others, you have to write your own content.

• Writing unique content If you want information about how to write this copyright post then ask your question.

Finally – So I hope you have understood all the things mentioned in this post and it is also helpful for you.

Apart from this, if you have any question related to blogging or affiliate, then you can ask us in the comment, we will be happy to help you.

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