Male Pattern Baldness Treatment At Home (Included Yoga)

Today in this blog post, what is male pattern baldness? What are its treatments and home remedies? Male tourists will learn about yoga as a treatment for baldness.

male pattern baldness treatment at home
male pattern baldness treatment at home

Male pattern baldness is commonly referred to as thinning hair, also known as androgenetic alopecia. Which is a very common thing for one in two men of 40 years of age or older. Due to which the head hair line and scalp are badly affected.

According to doctors, male pattern baldness is usually a hereditary condition which cannot be prevented in most cases.

However, there are some medical treatments that are effective in reducing hair loss, preventing thinning and managing male pattern baldness.

What is Male pattern baldness?

Male pattern baldness is a type of hair thinning that is most common in men aged 40 years and older. It is also known as androgenetic alopecia.

Falling of 50 to 100 hairs every day is not a matter of much concern because new hair mostly replaces the broken hair on its own.
However, hair fall or baldness occurs when the number of hair falls is very high and new hair does not grow.

Apart from this, stress, anxiety and autoimmune conditions like alopecia can also cause hair fall.

There are some advertisements for miraculous cures for baldness, however, they may not be that effective and are also very expensive.

That is why today on this block post we will know the home remedies for male pattern baldness. I guess you might be unfamiliar with these home remedies for male pattern baldness. I know, home remedies for male pattern baldness.

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Male Pattern Baldness Treatment At Home:

Male pattern baldness can be treated by your doctor, He or she may start by asking questions about your hair health, hair loss, and hair loss in family members at home.

Your doctor may refer you to a health care specialist to check the biopsy to find out the condition of your hair.

However, for better and cheaper treatment of male pattern baldness, we will know the home remedies which can include –

Male pattern baldness at home:

Home and natural remedies are the most effective positive way to overcome any problem. Because they do not leave any negative side effects that we have to find some other solution to deal with.

Following are some home remedies for male pattern baldness:

Wash your hair once in 2 days:

You should wash your hair once every 2 days with a mild shampoo as it helps keep your scalp clean And it will also help in preventing problems caused by dandruff or lack of hair cleaning.

Regular consultation with a child specialist:

Before knowing the home remedies for male pattern baldness, it is important to know what is the reason behind this baldness, that is why you should consult a hair specialist.

After knowing the cause of baldness, he will also guide you on which natural and home remedies will work better for you. That is why it is important to take regular advice from hair experts for hair growth and to prevent baldness.

Avoid combing wet hair:

The most common reason for excessive hair fall is combing wet hair. Combing wet hair makes the hair very weak and the number of hair falls increases.

Therefore, you can use your fingers to detangle your hair, or you can use a thick comb to detangle your hair.

Consumption of vitamin rich food:

Consumption of vitamin rich diet is considered very important to promote hair growth. Vitamins help in keeping our hair color good. Vitamin A also proves helpful for our hair because it regulates blood circulation.

Nutritious Oils:

To promote your hair growth, you can use nourishing oils or essential oils. Massage your hair with these essential oils for at least 5 minutes.

Two to three drops of each oil should be taken and massaged, however, after about half an hour you can wash your hair.

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Consumption of protein rich diet:

Protein is considered a very essential component which benefits our entire body from head to toe and promotes hair growth.

Therefore, keep in mind that to regrow your hair, to prevent baldness and to grow new hair, you must consume a protein-rich diet.

Apply garlic onion ginger juice:

To boost your hair growth, remove bald spots, there is a great remedy for hair regrowth which gives results within a month.

You can apply any of these nature essences on your scalp and leave it for at least 30 minutes before washing your hair.

Stay hydrated:

You should drink adequate amount of water to keep your scalp hydrated as hair roots contain water.

Due to which your hair growth is affected. Therefore, for the good health of your hair, it is important that you remain hydrated.

Apply curd paste once a month:

Curd which is rich in nutrients like protein and vitamins, consumption of curd proves to be very beneficial for all parts of the body including hair. That is why curd paste should be used to keep your hair healthy and strong.

Use of green tea:

Green tea is a very beneficial home remedy for your hair health and to remove baldness. Just boil it in hot water and use it at least 1 hour before bathing, very soon you will see its positive effect.

Limit alcohol consumption:

The harmful side effects of consuming alcohol are beyond your imagination, that is why if you are thinking about the solution for male pattern baldness.

So alcohol consumption should be greatly reduced or stopped because alcohol harms not only your hair but the entire body.

Avoid wiping hair with towel:

Most people find it better to use a towel to dry their hair faster. But you cannot even imagine that wiping your hair with a towel can hinder your hair growth.

Reduce Stress:

Although male pattern baldness is a genetic problem, studies have shown that Due to excessive stress, many people have to experience problems like hair fall, so you should try to remain stress free as much as possible.

Avoid using hair comb all the time:

Generally people comb their hair again and again to change their hairstyle. Due to which frequent combing of hair makes their roots weak and they start falling in large numbers.

That’s why to keep your hair healthy and prevent baldness from progressing, it is important to avoid combing your hair at all times.

Continue treating chronic health problems:

Studies have shown that in many cases, baldness or hair loss is caused by chronic health problems. Health problems can include side effects of the medications you are taking,

so it’s important to make sure any chronic health problems are treated correctly to keep your hair healthy and regrowable.

Rich intake of biotin rich foods:

Biotin rich diet which is rich in biotin gives good results very quickly for hair growth and new hair growth. Because this biotin works to convert food into energy which can be seen in a very short time.

Do this exercise regularly:

Exercising regularly daily maintains hormonal balance, which helps in dealing with your stress and also plays a role in keeping your entire body including hair healthy.

Therefore, it is important to do some form of exercise regularly every day so that your hair and entire body remain healthy.

Yoga for male pattern baldness:

To avoid male pattern baldness, some asanas can also be done which are mentioned below. Let us know the yoga to deal with male pattern baldness.

Vajrasana: Doing Vajrasana for at least 5 to 10 minutes after eating food is considered very good for health because it keeps the blood circulation balanced.

And it plays an important role in hair growth. Doing Vajra Asana relieves digestive problems and gradually helps in making weak hair healthy.

Balayam yoga: Balayam Yoga means yoga for hair! Balayam Yoga is considered to be an acupressure therapy in which the connection of all eight fingers of your hands is considered with the hair.

By rubbing the eight fingers of your hands, the hair behind your ears starts growing because the rubbing of these nails increases the circulation of blood to your hair.

But please note that if you are a woman then do not use both the thumbs of your hands to do Balayam Yoga because these thumbs help in growing mustache and beard.

Ustra Easy: Ustra Easy promotes blood flow to the hair thereby promoting healthy look of hair. Apart from this, it controls the irregularities of the thyroid gland which helps in preventing hair fall.

Top posture: Hanging your head backwards increases blood flow to the scalp which promotes hair growth. Top Easy helps you stay stress free as well as gives peace to your mind.

Due to which problems like hair fall, premature baldness, thinning of hair are greatly reduced, apart from this it helps in growing new hair and preventing premature graying of hair.

Note: Male pattern baldness can usually be prevented if you start taking care at an early stage of baldness.

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