How To Use Sonax Car Polish – High Gloss Polish for Slightly Scratched

Sonax car polish – Today we have brought for you the formula to make your car look new Sonax car polish which is world wide popular and used by well-known people for their car polish.

How to use Sonax car polish
How to use Sonax car polish


This is a trusted brand car polish that is Sonax is a germany brand which manufactures and sells car products its products are liked all over the world because of it’s good quality and reliable product for affordable too for users.

Is Sonax car polish good?

This car polish is not a compromise product in any way, it gives your car a nice finishing & high gloss, After using this polish the scratches and damaging are not visible at all.

It works better than what you expect from this product in fact it gives you amazing results which makes you want to buy Sonex car product.

How to use Sonax car polish?

You can also use Sonex car polish at home, for that apply this polish on a small part of the car and rub it.

You should polish the car by applying it on small areas, it gives more finishing effect, when you use car polish, keep in mind that it should apply better on the marks and damaged parts.

Actually, after applying it on your car, you have to ask it with polished rubber only when it is wet, you can use it by putting album grease in it.

Can Sonax car polish remove scratches?

Yes, car polish is very helpful in fixing most of the scratches of the car and through this the damaged layer of the car can also be repaired. This Sonex Car Polish removes the damaged layer of the car and makes it look like new.

But if your car has some problem then you should first repair the deep scratch of your car and then polish it then you will get much better result.

When should I apply Sonax car polish?

If you are giving good care to your car and you want to keep your car looking like new always, then you should keep getting the car polished twice a year.

Because the use of car polish repairs the wear, scratches or minor junk etc. on the car, so that the car looks good, then you have to keep using Sonex polish regularly twice a year.

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Can I apply Sonax car polish by hand?

If you can put in the effort, of course, you can polish a car by hand without any problems, all you have to do is apply the polish to a small area on the car.

Should I wash my car after polishing?

Yes you can wash your car after polishing but you have to keep in mind that wash the car after at least two to 3 days after polish.

Along with this, you also have to keep in mind that if the polishing finish on your car remains intact, then for that you should use drying products or techniques for washing the car and shampoo washing after using snow foam or prewash.

Should I wash my car before polishing?

Yes, it is very important to clean your car before polishing, for that you wash the car well, remove the rust and its dirt.

Because when you polish the car without cleaning or washing it, it can be harmful for you because the debris, insects and dirt on it can cause damage to the hands as well as the pad you are using also damage.

So always wash the car before polishing on the car and polish only after cleaning it thoroughly so that your car looks more shiny and new.

How long do you leave Sonax car polish on?

If you use a polisher to polish the car, you will get better results. You should start polishing on a small part of 30×30‌ After that polish further by taking a promotion of 30×30, similarly the whole car is polished by hand.

When you are polishing, you have to polish for 15 minutes on each portion until you are sure that you have polished very well.

Do you polish on wet or dry car?

To polish the car, neither you have to use too wet pad nor too dry, you have to use a damp pad.

Polish using a damp pad to avoid damaging the paint of your car as wet pad can rust the car and dry pad can burn the transparent surface of the car.

Other SONAX Product-

1. Sonax car shampoo :

Sonax car shampoo
Sonax car shampoo


Sonex Car Shampoo does a great job of washing and degreasing Dirt on the car, its suds lasts for a long time, it washes your car very thoroughly.

This gloss car shampoo has good cleaning powers and adds a nice after-wash shine on your car. So yes it’s a great product wasing car because it’s giving so much glossy finish.

2. Sonax Car Care Kit (Pack of 3)

sonax cleaning kit
sonax cleaning kit


So You can buy a car kit Pak for care your care sonax car pack contains polish, shampoo and trim protectant. IT is perfect for give a perfect care of your car you can Buy this product online now.

3. Sonax 02425000 Profiline EX 04-06, 169.1 fl. oz.

Sonax profiline ex 04-06
Sonax profiline ex 04-06


Cleans the car engine, machine, small parts easily and quickly. It also helps in strengthening the car engine so that your car engine does not get damaged always remain good.

Regular cleaning of the car should be done, it helps to identify the problems in the car that can harm the performance of the car, as well as it removes the debris and dirt stuck in the car also give safety to rusting.

4. Sonax High Speed Wax

Sonax high speed wax
Sonax high speed wax


Sonex High Speed ​​Wax is designed to protect the paint of the car. It is very easy to use and protects the paint of the car for a long time.

It retains the shine on the car for several weeks after use. It protects and brightens the car’s paint and provides a highly effective cleaning and care.

Abou Sonax Brand –

Sonex is a German brand that provides car products. Its products are used all over the world and are also liked because it is really a product that gives good results.

This company does not compromise with its products, provides good and better performing car products to its users so that the people using its products do not have any complaints and they want to use again.

Your car is your precious heritage, which is very important to take care of, only then it can be used for a long time, for this, regular cleaning of the car, care of the engine and machine of the car, it is necessary to get it serviced from time to time.

SONAX car care products are designed to perfectly match your requirements by giving it a mirror finish to your car and ensure protection And gives you some special features for your valuable vehicle.

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